Yuliverse: Earn, and Make Friends

Yuliverse: Earn and Make Friends
21 March 2023

Yuliverse is a metaverse game that is taking the gaming world by storm. Inspired by Pokemon Go & Tinder, the game runs parallel to the real world, offering players a new and exciting lifestyle that is both socially and economically rewarding. Currently, Yuliverse has thousands of storylines that players can explore and complete, earning in-game tokens ($ARG and $ART) in the process.

Yuliverse is gaining popularity and volume on the web. It's a Web3 economy where the assets can be owned by all players—they can own, buy, sell, and trade in-game items that they have earned. The game is centered around player interaction, and actions that promote a healthy game environment are rewarded. The creators of Yuliverse aim to provide a platform where players can play, benefit, and find real friends for life.

Yuliverse Gameplay

Upon entering the game, players can choose their free characters and start with the basic city hunt experience. As players progress in the game, they can become Yuli NFT holders and unlock unique NFTs, special gameplay modes, and social privileges. Yuli NFT holders can also gain profits from the game by acquiring tokens ($ARG and $ART) and breeding Yulis. Players who buy Yuli NFTs also get to unlock some special gameplay modes and social privileges, making their gaming experience even more unique.

The main story and daily tasks in Yuliverse require players to move to certain points to purify the Terra. Purifying the Terra in the field enables players to obtain relevant resources and improve the character level of the Yuli, increasing the mining efficiency. The Terra also has a large number of recorded characters and stories, and players can obtain puzzles from memories of the world. Piecing together a complete piece of world memory will obtain a high-value treasure, while completing specific task challenges through dungeons or festivals can result in the player winning the treasure. This will increase the value of their account.

Meeting Through Yuliverse

Yuliverse uses a location-based matching mechanism, making it easier for players to find like-minded friends in real life and bond with other players both in real life and in Yuliverse. Purifying the Terrae in the city also enables players to leave their own marks around the city, making it easy for other players to initiate communication requests and facilitate dual-play treasure-hunting or team-play dungeon mode.

To encourage healthy interactions in the Yuliverse community, the creators have launched a Yuliverse world for users who want to make real-life friends in the world of Web3. The platform provides not only social channels but also gives the users topics of conversation that users can enjoy talking about. Players will have friendship rewards for completing tasks after pairing, and there will be a certain punishment mechanism for vicious social behavior to ensure the long-term operation of the social system.

Yuliverse is an exciting metaverse game that aims to reward players for socializing and contributing to the game community. The game also offers a fresh lifestyle and social experience that players can enjoy while earning rewards in the form of tokens. With its location-based matching mechanism, Yuliverse offers a platform where players can find like-minded friends.