Yuga Labs Opens Otherside Metaverse for a Day

Yuga Labs Opens Otherside Metaverse For a Day
24 March 2023

Yuga Labs’ Otherside Metaverse is set to launch its “Second Trip” on March 25. They are most known as the parent company of the popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club and now they are offering access to a gamified test of their metaverse platform. The test will open to Otherdeed NFT owners and it will feature a two-hour narrative experience led by four team captains. Up to 10,000 voyagers will be able to participate on a first-come-first-serve basis. Non-holders can also watch a live stream of the event on the company's YouTube channel. 

Yuga Labs co-founders Wylie Aronow and Greg Solano stated that they view the Otherside metaverse as the intersection of all the projects under its brand umbrella. The company first revealed its metaverse ambitions in April 2022 as a platform where players could own land and turn their existing NFTs into playable characters. In the primary sale, Yuga Labs sold 55,000 Otherdeed NFTs linked to virtual land ownership, raising about $320 million.

Yuga Labs initially sold 55,000 Otherdeed NFTs, raking in about $320M in primary sales. By now the Otherdeed NFTs have done a total of 524,130 ETH (about $806 million) in sales to date, according to OpenSea. The floor price for an Otherdeed NFT at the time of publishing was 1.9 ETH, or about $2920. The Otherside Second Trip will be available only to Otherdeed NFT holders or those who have been invited with a guest code. Each Otherdeed holder can generate one guest code. However, owning an Otherdeed NFT does not guarantee participation in the event. The event will start at noon ET on March 25, and the official link will be provided by Yuga Labs on launch day. Infinity Space, which is the game lobby, will open at 11:30 a.m. ET.

The first trip, hosted by Yuga Labs in July 2022, was attended by over 4600 players, leading to significant congestion on the Ethereum network. Participants on the second trip who attended the first trip will be eligible to earn a unique Obelisk Piece linked to the overall Otherside narrative. The event received massive support from many participants on Twitter.

The Second Trip promises more lands, new features, and teammates and friends, as players are broken into four teams led by four notable captains: Jimmy Wong, Brycent, Lowbellie, and Champ Medici. No official details about the competition or objectives have been released, but players are expected to work together with their captains to win. Regardless of the outcome, all participants will be eligible for the Obelisk First Trip “badge”, a metadata property that will be updated at the conclusion of the event.

The Otherside Metaverse is viewed as the intersection of all Yuga Labs brand projects, allowing players to own virtual land and create playable characters from their NFTs. The Otherside Second Trip is the latest step in Yuga Labs’ metaverse ambitions, building on the success of its initial NFT offering. The metaverse industry is predicted to be worth $1T by 2030, and Yuga Labs has established itself as a major player in the space. The Second Trip is set to expand the Otherside Metaverse platform and provide further opportunities for users to explore the possibilities of Web3 gaming and the metaverse.