Xtreme Championship Series—Web3 Esports League Launched

Xtreme Championship Series - Web3 Esports League Launched
8 February 2023

The Swissborg Web3 gaming organization has announced the launch of its Xtreme Championship Series (XCS). It’s a new, Web3 esports league, with a $100,000 USDC prize pool. The league, which begins on March 10, will feature five Web3 games: Ev.io., Axie Infinity, The Harvest, Gods Unchained, and Spider Tanks.

XBorg CEO Louis Regis said, “For those outside of Web3, the general perception is that there are no high quality Web3 games to play. With this tournament we intend to change that perception. We strongly believe competitive Web3 gaming has arrived and is here to stay.”

The XCS is open to all players, with no sign-up fee or other barriers to entry. It will consist of three rounds of monthly qualifiers, followed by a championship round. The last round will be live-streamed on XBorg's Twitch channel. Each of the five games will have a prize pool of $20k, with the first three months being $12,000 per game, and the final is an additional $8000. The top 16 teams or players from the dedicated overall leaderboard will qualify for the final.

Ev.io tournament

To participate in the Ev.io Xtreme Championship Series, all players must first create an account, then join the tournament. Teams must consist of three players with one sub, and all participants must join the XBorg Discord server. The tournament will follow a team deathmatch format, with matches being Bo3s (except for the finals, which will be Bo5s). The maps for the tournament will be Fractal, Dragon Temple, and Ancient.

The first month of the XCS will feature team deathmatch, with up to 256 teams of any skill level. Matches will be played in a Swiss bracket format, with three rounds every Friday during the first three weeks. This is followed by a top-16 playoff in the last week of the month. The maps for the tournament will be Fractal, Dragon Temple, and Ancient, with the final being played on Fractal, Rook, Dragon Temple, Rook, Fractal.

To play in the tournament, participants must agree on a server to use for the entire match. If a server cannot be agreed upon, the team with the higher placement will choose their preferred server. The opposing team will then choose their server on the next map, with the higher placement team picking the server on the third map.

Teams are allowed one substitute over the duration of the monthly tournament. Subs must be communicated before the start of the round day and must not have played for any other team during the tournament. The tournament will have a weekly schedule, with the first round starting at 7:00 PM CET, and the final being played until finished.


XBorg is excited to bring the Xtreme Championship Series to the Web3 gaming community, offering a unique and exciting opportunity for players to compete and win. With no sign-up fee or other barriers to entry, all players are encouraged to participate and show their skills on the virtual battlefield. More info at their website.