Bridging the Web3 gaming gap at W3N Blockchain

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19 December 2022

Superb aims to be the easiest solution for gamers to experience the world of Web3 gaming. To do this we want to offer gamers a seamless experience through our Web3 portal, as well as to help game developers reach new gamers more efficiently. As a part of our effort to bridge this gap we sponsored and took part in the second W3N? conference this December.

What is W3N? conference?

W3N? Is a community-focused Web3 conference that takes place on the edge of Europe, in the iconic city of Narva. It’s a must-attend global event for all blockchain enthusiasts, developers, NFT creators and startups. The “W3N Blockchain?” was the second event in the series and the largest event to date with over 500 attendees.

On the 9th and 10th December, industry experts from as far as the USA, Korea, UK and France met in Eastern Estonia to recap and say farewell to 2022 - to step into 2023 with a clear vision and renewed energy. The participants included some of the brightest minds in Web3 art, NFT creators, blockchain & game developers and DeFi lawyers. Industry’s key players tackled issues like crypto licensing, regulations, taxes, Web3 gaming, interoperability, DAOs and much more.

What did Clickwork do at W3N Blockchain conference?

Clickwork decided to sponsor the event to give its part to the development of the Web3 gaming community. On top of that, our experts participated in two panels, firstly Fireside: Web3 for Community Initiatives on the first day. We discussed community building and the values of the Web3 users. Evangelists vs newcomers have different views and expectations when it comes to Web3. Most of the echoed sentiments of the new generation were more down-to-earth and steered clear of crazy ideas and get rich schemes. On Saturday Clickwork took part in a panel about the Future of Web3 Gaming. This is an issue close to our hearts, as we are working on solving it with our Superb. Our goal is to make Web3 gaming a seamless, intuitive and fun experience for the players. We aim to give our users access to the best Web3 games from our portal with an user-friendly browser extension for games and easy access to all of their gaming assets from one place. We will also clear any hurdled in front of the player like compulsory NFT ownership, wallets and crypto converting.

The event ended on Saturday night with an afterparty where the industry people had a chance to network with fellow participants and develop the days’ ideas further.

The other participants were: Object, ZenFrogs, RagePups64, Startup Estonia, Founderly, ICON, Mirai DAO, Legid, Prototron, Superb, Hana, Project Nebula, Hedman, INO, First Baltic Trading Academy, Vespia, Craft, Single Earth, Ignium, Lex Law.