The Sandbox Introduces Latest LAND Roadmap

The Sandbox Introduces Latest LAND Roadmap
18 April 2023

The Sandbox, an immersive metaverse platform, has recently released its updated LAND Roadmap for Q2. The Sandbox is dedicated to empowering its community and fostering innovation among creators, and this new roadmap reflects that commitment. With a thriving community of over 23,500 LAND owners, The Sandbox is recognized as one of the most engaged metaverse platforms. They aim to empower the community and promote creativity among creators to develop a truly decentralized and open metaverse.

The updated roadmap includes several exciting features, with the most notable being the SELF-PUBLISH option that allows LAND owners to launch their experiences directly to anyone on the map. This feature will be available to all creators by the end of Q3 and is expected to revolutionize how they interact with their audience.

Additionally, The Sandbox is introducing new Game Maker updates with enhanced experiences to version 0.8, which includes brand-new gaming mechanics and visual effects. These updates will elevate the gaming experience on the platform, providing creators with more opportunities to innovate and create. The Sandbox will enable LAND owners to mint their assets to the blockchain as NFTs by the end of Q4, providing creators with more opportunities to monetize their designs and earn extra revenue. This feature is expected to be a game-changer for creators.

The SandBox Brings New Possibilities to its Community

In addition to platform upgrades, The Sandbox will continue to reward those engaging with its metaverse. Holders of both LAND and NFTs can earn extra rewards in its monthly special events. Those who hold their LAND for over three months will be able to claim an exclusive NFT.

Over 115,850 LANDs have been minted by more than 23,500 LAND owners, making The Sandbox one of the most decentralized communities based on asset ownership. To ensure new entrants can purchase LAND, The Sandbox introduced the LAND Raffle system last November 2022. Each participant could receive a maximum of 1 LAND, which contributed to expanding our community in a fair and distributed manner, improving the LAND buying experience for all.

The Sandbox says their objective remains to onboard as many LAND owners as possible to create a diverse and dynamic Metaverse.

The updated LAND Roadmap demonstrates The Sandbox's dedication to listening to its community and promoting innovation among creators. With these new features and updates, the platform will become even more immersive and engaging, providing its community with more opportunities to monetize their creations. As we enter Q2 of 2023, the future of The Sandbox looks promising, and the community can anticipate an exciting journey ahead.