Sui Blockchain for Game Developers

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12 May 2023

Sui, a newly launched blockchain network, is working to attract game developers to its platform. Over 40 games are already being built on its network, ranging from shooters to MMORPGs. Although other Web3 gaming ecosystems, such as Polygon, Immutable, Avalanche, and Solana, offer a variety of games in all stages of development, Sui stands out for its unique technical specifications and its approach to on-chain assets. Sui can process transactions in parallel and scale horizontally by adding more nodes to keep up with demand. It also offers dynamically-updated NFTs and an "object-based" model that appeals to game designers.

Sui's "object-based" model is designed to optimize the network for games, which typically consist of hundreds or even thousands of in-game objects created in game engines like Unreal Engine 5 or Unity. The network allows game developers to evolve in-game NFT assets over time easily and seamlessly, as its on-chain assets can change dynamically in real time.

For instance, rival-player kills and achievements secured with specific items can be added to that item’s metadata, allowing players to write their own histories with each item as they play. Dynamic items are possible on Sui without having to burn and reissue items to reflect new data, as developers might have to do on other blockchain networks.

Sui is not Ethereum-compatible via the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which sets it apart from some of the established Web3 gaming networks out there. But Sui's Head of Gaming Partnerships, Anthony Palma, believes that the network’s innate gaming appeal will enable it to onboard mainstream gamers. Palma stressed that Sui is not aiming to attract "blockchain games" or "crypto games" but to focus on great games built by great game developers that want to leverage Web3 to enhance their player experience, and provide more engagement and agency.

Mysten Labs, the startup behind Sui, has been working closely with game developers, and over the next month, numerous games are expected to launch on Sui. The list includes a "Walking Dead" game and Final Stardust from Orange Comet, Project Eluune from Arrivant, and Run Legends from Talofa Games. Ghost Ivy, a Web3 game studio building a first-person shooter game called Haven’s Compass, says they chose Sui because of its usability for gaming and the unique features it offers. This echoes the sentiment of several other developers who appreciate Sui's unique features.

Sui’s focus on gameplay before any crypto elements aligns with the growing sentiment about Web3 games. Leaders at firms like Magic Eden, Ava Labs, Solana Foundation, Gala Games, and others have expressed a similar view in recent months. As the popularity of Web3 gaming continues to grow, Sui's unique technical specifications, "object-based" model, and focus on gameplay could make it a compelling alternative for budding game-makers.