Splinterland now lets you own virtual land plots

Image of news story Splinterland now lets you own virtual land plots
14 December 2022

Splinterlands is a strategic card game where players battle other players using cards. There are 500+ different cards in the game. The game allows players to buy, sell, and trade game cards with other players on the marketplace.

Now Splinterland players can finally redeem their Land tokens. Beginning on December 12th, land token owners can submit a claim, receiving a deed for their actual land plot. Though it's not a full plot reveal, it’s still a big step forward. This upcoming addition will allow  Splinterland's landowners to finally own virtual land plots. Until now, what players have held were simply tokens. Land, tract and region tokens will be redeemed for individual, unsurveyed, virtual land deeds. These deeds point to a specific plot of land in Praetoria. Regions and tract token owners will have their tokens converted into individual plot tokens when claimed, but all of those plots will be appropriately contained into one region or tract. A tract equals 100 plots, while a Region consists of a group of 1,000 plots. There are 150 regions in total in Praetoria.

Where will I land in Splinterland?

Plots will be assigned sequentially, starting from the upper left region of the map. When a claim is submitted, the contract finds the next available space available. If the claim is for a tract or region, then it will find the next empty tract or region. Players can submit multiple claims at once to group their plots together. Once a region is full it moves on to another and so on down the line. The claim interface will show the available information about the next plot available. The land claiming feature will be available for at least a year.

No region will have access to all of the land resources. They team also says that there is no particular advantage to try and claim every plot type. Though the rules for the land gameplay are not yet set in stone, there may be some advantage to having grouped up plots rather than scattered settlements. There’s plans to introduce aspects of transportation and storage for resources that may make it advantageous for a single player to have plots within close proximity to one another and to focus on certain resources. 

The team says that they will have an in-game market allowing players to easily trade and swap resources. The idea is that a player who has primarily forest plots and produces mostly Wood will be able to easily trade that Wood for any other resources that are needed (via the Markets). As such, they will have access to everything they need to be successful in building construction or item/spell crafting. Currently, there is no clear benefit to claim every Geography type or spread the location of your plots across the continent. However, everything is subject to change, and it is important to understand that much of the planning for the Land expansion is still being designed and developed.

Splinterland has more plans for the land

This upcoming release marks a major milestone for the Splinterlands game and community. It is the beginning of an exciting new phase for the game and the economy. The land expansion is one of the top priorities for Splinterlands and they promise to work on planning out all of the future phases so that realistic plans and release date estimates can be delivered to the players.

The next few Land releases will add Deeds to the Market, improved Map View functionality, and the ability to Survey the Deeds you own (to reveal Geography, Type, Rarity, and Building options). These exciting features are already well underway and expected to be released in early 2023! This is just the first step of the land reveals.

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