Spider Tanks New Event May Mayhem

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4 May 2023

Spider Tanks has some exciting news lined up for for MOBA genre esports fans! In preparation for the game's updated mechanics, they're hosting the May Mayhem event this month. This is the perfect time to try out the game for the first time or to keep playing to get rewarded for your skills.

May Mayhem event

Gala Games' May Mayhem is a month-long event that rewards players for playing the game and extra for winning matches. Spider Tanks is offering many bonus rewards to players who can win ten or more matches each week. Each week features its own set of rewards, and playing matches between Tuesday and Sunday earns you sweet bonuses. May Mayhem is an incentive program to generate more player activity and bring attention to the game. 

For the event, there are four tiers of rewards available each week. Reaching the first tier requires at least ten wins during the week, while tier 4 requires at least 70 wins. Each tier receives a guaranteed supply of components and Arachnium (the Spider Tanks in-game currency). Players also earn tickets for a weekly raffle that rewards NFT Tank Parts to the winners.

Spider Tanks is keeping quiet about the exact rewards for the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned to their social channels for updates. We expect there to be surprise giveaways and events throughout the month, too. In addition to this exciting event, be sure to keep an eye on the Spider Tanks social channels for updates. Here's a look at some recent game updates.

What is Spider Tanks?

Spider Tanks is an eSport, MOBA game and part of the Gala Games ecosystem. Teams of players pilot sci-fi, tank-like vehicles in team battles. The game features several different game modes such as Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, and Chicken Chase! Since this is a team-based game, having a complementary group of tanks can make a big difference.

Every tank comes with customizable parts, with the Body and the Weapon being the most important. The Body determines how much armor your tank has, how fast it moves, and how quickly it regains Energy, which is used to trigger abilities. Every tank will also need a Weapon, which comes in many options—from a Gatling gun to homing missiles, to healing turrets, and more.

What's new in the game

Spider Tanks has added custom contracts, allowing tank owners to rent out their tanks to specific pilots and set the reward split. Owners can even set a minimum ELO for renters to ensure that only qualified pilots are driving their tanks. Players can also enjoy daily and weekly missions, as well as login rewards. Completing these missions earns you components for your garage. As requested by players, Spider Tanks has increased the prep time before matches, giving you more time to choose your abilities.

If you have stepped away from Spider Tanks or never tried the game, May is a good month to jump back in. The May Mayhem event brings four weeks of rewards for players, simply for playing the game and winning!