Skyweaver Hexbound Invasion Starts Season 17

Skyweaver Hexbound Invasion Starts Season 17
15 February 2023

Skyweaver, the popular Web3 trading card game, has just started its 17th season. At the beginning of 2023 they also launched their second expansion, Hexbound Invasion. With 50 new cards and a brand-new ability called Slay, the latest expansion promises to keep players entertained for hours. 

The lore for Hexbound Invasion features armies of creatures infected by the Hexbound sickness gathering for destruction, while other forces marshal their troops for defense. As the Hex-Plague spreads chaos across the land, players must rally to defend against this new threat or choose to harness the power for themselves. Hexbound Invasion adds an entirely new dimension to the game with its Slay ability, which is triggered when a player’s card destroys an enemy unit. The effects of the ability vary depending on the card, ranging from drawing a card to adding barriers to allied units. This feature adds an extra level of strategy to the game, giving players a new way to gain an edge over their opponents.

The expansion also includes new units and spells for each of the game’s ten prisms, offering players a whole new range of strategic opportunities. The introduction of the Skypass battle pass system allows players to unlock rewards as they progress, including base cards, a limited-edition tradable Hexbound card back, and more. The Skypass will run on a seasonal basis, with progress being reset and new rewards revealed each season.

Philippe Castonguay, Director of Product for Skyweaver, expressed his excitement about the release of the expansion and the Skypass system, saying, “Hexbound is an ambitious expansion and The Skypass elevates our progression system—together making the Skyweaver experience fresh both for new and veteran players.”

Players seem to be pleased, expressing their excitement across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, and Twitch. Skyweaver has continued to amass a thriving community of dedicated players, boasting over 250,000 accounts, and with this latest expansion, the game is set to attract even more players. With the competitive meta still to be determined, it remains to be seen how the expansion and the Skypass system will affect gameplay.

The game’s developers are already hard at work on exciting new content and features, promising even more challenges and experiences for players in the coming months. Fans of the game can expect to see more updates soon as Skyweaver continues to evolve and expand.