Sinverse 24 Hour Event With 100K $SIN Price Pool

Sinverse Metaverse GTA like game launches muder in the hills event
11 January 2023

SinVerse, a metaverse game similar to Grand Theft Auto, is hosting a competition called "Murder in the Hills". The competition will start on Friday, January 13 at 6 PM UTC, and end on Saturday, January 14 at 6 PM UTC. The event’s reward pool is a whopping 100,000 $SIN in tokens. During the intense 24-hour competition, players will have the opportunity to demonstrate their killer instinct. Take up arms and embark on a thrilling hunt to take out as many opponents as possible in the Hills District. Only the most ruthless and efficient competitors will rise to the top, with the chance to claim their share of the massive reward pool of $SIN tokens. The $SIN tokens are valued at $0.006 each at the moment according to CoinMarketCap.

SinVerse has stated that anyone who kills at least one player will be guaranteed a share of the $SIN tokens. Players can keep track of their progress by checking the leaderboard during the competition. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated, and may result in disqualification.

The prizes for the "Murder in the Hills" competition are as follows:

1st place: 15,000 $SIN
2nd place: 7500 $SIN
3rd place: 5000 $SIN

Additionally, 72,500 leftover $SIN will be distributed based on the number of kills made by other players. The rewards will be allocated using MetaMask, a digital wallet that allows players to securely manage their cryptocurrencies.

SinVerse, previously known as Sin City, is a cutting-edge multiplayer game that harnesses the power of blockchain technology. Set in the most notorious cities in the world, players can purchase digital real estate and strive to become the ultimate kingpin of the city. Create clubs, hangout spots, or event venues with your own purchased land. The game features 17 distinct districts, each with its own unique faction and resources to take advantage of. To join now and claim your spot as a top player in the SinVerse metaverse, download SinVerse and prepare for a unique action-packed experience.