Rivals: An Intense Multiplayer Adventure Set in the Wild West

Image of news story Rivals: An Intense Multiplayer Adventure Set in the Wild West
24 April 2023

Rivals lets you venture into the unforgiving Wild West and engage in a battle for survival. It's an exclusive multiplayer video game based on its own NFT collection. The game immerses players in a vast and diverse landscape where they can play as sheriffs or bandits and embark on exhilarating adventures to accumulate gold. Surviving in Rivals is no easy feat, as players must manage their hunger, thirst, and health while facing hostile players and animals that threaten their existence. As players navigate the game’s vast world, they can infiltrate enemy camps, mines, forts, and towns, while gathering resources and loot across the map during each game session, called a “Blitz”, before the time runs out. The game offers various challenges that require strategic thinking and skillful combat to overcome.

In-Game NFTs

The Rivals NFT serves as the gateway to the game, allowing players to personalize their characters and choose from various maps for exploration. The skins and uniquely crafted blueprint NFTs are exclusive to their creators, enhancing the value of a player’s collection. Rivals also introduces an interesting mining quarry system, where players can stake their NFTs to participate in mining activities and accumulate the $eRVS game currency. As players make $eRVS purchases within the website’s dedicated shop, they can upgrade their quarry to enhance their mining capabilities and potential rewards.

The Rivals Council comprises elected $RVS token holders who govern and maintain the protocol, promoting an open, transparent, and community-driven NFT game. The game incorporates the Rivals Emporium, a dynamic marketplace where players can trade items, exchange resources, and participate in evolving the in-game economy. The advanced trading system leverages the native cryptocurrency, $eRVS, enriching the overall player experience.

Game Features

One of the unique features of Rivals is its AI perception system, which heightens the sense of realism in the game. Players must use strategic thinking and skillful combat to overcome challenges, while dynamic weather conditions and a day–night cycle add a layer of complexity to the game. Players must also be resourceful and adaptable, collaborating with others and staying aware of their surroundings to increase their chances of survival.

Players can arm themselves with bows, guns, and melee weapons for protection. The game comes with a specific time limit and necessitates extraction from predetermined locations, adding to the game's suspense and excitement.

Rivals promises an unforgettable gaming experience, merging the worlds of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and multiplayer survival gameplay. The game intends to launch an ICO for its $RVS governance token and plans to introduce various updates, including horses, Rivals keys for in-game utility, and IRL merch.