PUBG Launching New NFT Alpha With Banger Games

Pubg launches a NFT alpha with Banger Games
5 January 2023

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), the popular battle royale game developed by PUBG Studios, has teamed up with Banger Games, a Web3 gaming platform. They will launch an Alpha NFT test, a Web3 version of PUBG, where players can earn rewards for their time spent playing. The aim is to create a comprehensive gaming hub that offers its gaming community ownership, income, and self-expression.

PUBG was one of the first successful standalone battle royale games and remains a classic in the genre. Banger Games is a white-label solution and ecosystem for blockchain gaming, allowing games to integrate NFTs and blockchain technology without having to handle the process in-house. This partnership marks a significant moment for PUBG as it becomes one of the first mainstream games to incorporate NFTs, even if only in a test version at this stage. This could be one of the most important developments in blockchain gaming to ever happen as PUBG averages over 280 million players per month. If the ALPHA is a success, PUBG Studios could pursue it further, and perhaps implement the mechanics into the primary PUBG client. 

Banger's version of PUBG will offer three gaming modes for players:

Mad Max: Players earn points by killing opponents, with headshots earning extra points. The player’s top 10 games with the highest points will be ranked on the leaderboard.

Kill Frenzy: Players can earn points by running over opponents with a car. The top 10 games with the highest points will be ranked on the leaderboard.

Ghost Killer: Players earn points by killing opponents from a distance with a sniper rifle. The top 10 best results in each game mode count towards game ranking.

Through its collaboration with PUBG, Banger is offering players a unique, non-tradeable digital collectible when they sign up for the PUBG Banger Alpha test. By collaborating with a “white-label” platform like Banger, PUBG won’t have to build or integrate its own NFTs. Instead, it only has to rely on Banger to handle the blockchain side of things.

We’ve seen other recent gaming collaborations, but the PUBG–Banger Games partnership is unique in that it allows a popular game, like PUBG Battlegrounds, to transition into Web3 more seamlessly by using Banger’s NFT-ready technology.

 For more information about the launch, join Banger's Discord.