Portal Fantasy Promising Pixel Adventure

Portal Fantasy pixel adventure game
2 February 2023

Portal Fantasy is a pixel RPG game in development by a dream team of gaming veterans. You get to play in two different ways, either as a hero or an architect. You start the game by claiming a “Porble” as the first member of your team. The game has two different modes you can play—PvE and PvP. While waiting for the beta to launch they have released a mini-game called Portal Kombat.

Portal Fantasy Gameplay

In Portal Fantasy each player starts the game by claiming one hero and one Porble. These are the native creatures of the game world, and heroes aim to capture and build the best teams out of Porbles to battle others. As already said, players can choose between two ways of playing, either as a hero or an architect. 

In the Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode, heroes can encounter Porbles while exploring the world, and defeat rogue Porbles or Baddies. In future releases, players will also be able to engage in Player vs. Player (PvP) battles with other Porbles. Heroes can increase their levels by solving puzzles, participating in PvP battles, completing quests, and taking part in special events. As heroes level up, they gain access to stronger Porbles, territories with more Porbles, and enhanced hero traits.

At the moment you can get a taste of Portal Fantasy through playing Portal Kombat, a thrilling mini-game that you can compete in leading up to the Beta launch. The objective is to push the baddies into pits around the map.

Portal Fantasy launches Portal Kombat mini game

Portal Fantasy Architects

Players who prefer a more passive gameplay experience can choose to become architects and build worlds for heroes to explore using the Creator's Compass, the in-game map editor. Architects level up by gaining experience in building maps and by having heroes play on their maps. Higher levels give architects access to a wider range of tiles and other gameplay components, such as quests and puzzles, to incorporate into their maps.

City of Valeria

In the City of Valeria, players can trade in-game items and cosmetics. These include hero items like capture scrolls used to catch Porbles, and architect items like map tiles, designs, and Porble parts. The City of Valeria will feature multiple shops for players to exchange these assets.

Token Economy

The in-game currency is called the Portal Orb (ORB), which has an unlimited supply. ORB can be used within the game to capture Porbles, level up heroes and Porbles, buy items, and create maps.

The game also features Portal Fantasy Tokens (PFT) that can be traded on exchanges and grant access to the Magi's Circle, a club offering extra rewards for locking up PFT, as well as serving as a payment method for in-game assets, character upgrades, Porble fusion, and exclusive tiles for building maps.

Players can earn P2E rewards in ORB tokens both as heroes and architects. Rewards can be earned by capturing and leveling up Porbles and heroes, exploring maps, defeating Baddies, completing quests, and participating in special events. Architects can earn rewards when heroes play and capture Porbles on their maps

The Team of Developers

The developers have previous experience from prominent gaming companies such as Nintendo, Disney, and Facebook, and have worked on successful titles like Assassin's Creed and Tropico. Part of the team’s approach to the game, led by Kasei—who has extensive experience in cryptocurrency algorithmic trading—approaches the game's design with a data-driven approach to tokenomics.

The game has received support from several well-known players in the blockchain and gaming industries, including YGG SEA, Makers Fund, Blizzard Fund, Wave Financial, Ava Labs, Avalaunch, GFR Fund, Infinity Ventures, Mirana, Genesis Block Ventures, C2 Ventures, D1 Ventures, and Keychain Capital.