Planet Mojo in Open Beta

Image of news story Planet Mojo in Open Beta
14 April 2023

Enter the world of Planet Mojo and showcase your strength on the battlefield! Mojo Melee is an extraordinary auto chess battler set on the alien Planet Mojo. Challenge your wit and strategic skills as you face off against opponents in real-time combat. Upgrade your Mojos and Champions on the fly to maximize their attack and defense stats, and use buffs and SpellStones tactically to gain the upper hand over your rivals. Mojo Melee features Ranked Seasons, Battle Passes, and player-owned teams. Mojo Melee also offers long-term progression and challenging gameplay. 

What is Planet Mojo?

Planet Mojo is a lush planet that is threatened by a techno virus after an asteroid hits. Mojos are the magical defenders of Planet Mojo, called forth by the planet itself to defend against this deadly threat. Each Mojo derives their powers from the mysterious energy of the planet. They fight alongside their newly found alliances of Clan Champions in the wilds of Planet Mojo, all the while harnessing and mastering their new abilities, preparing for the battle to come. 

It's an immersive gaming metaverse built on the Polygon blockchain. This platform is home to a suite of PvP games where players can compete with their customized teams of mythical creatures. The planet's mysterious and imaginative setting, as well as its deep narrative, create a unique gaming experience.

The talented team at Mystic Moose is behind Planet Mojo's development, which aims to create a sustainable and expansive suite of games for the next generation of gamers. Players own their in-game assets and have a say in the project's future direction. Mojo Melee is the first major game in this interconnected universe, paving the way for many more adventures.

In-game NFTs

In-game NFTs are a significant feature of Planet Mojo, with players acquiring various types of NFTs such as Mojos, Champions, Skins, and SpellStones that offer unique powers and enhancements. Mojos are the magical defenders of Planet Mojo, fighting alongside their newly found alliances of Clan Champions. Players can purchase these NFTs on popular marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden, with more opportunities to utilize them across various games in the Planet Mojo ecosystem.

The innovative nature of Planet Mojo sets it apart from other gaming platforms, with high-quality 3D NFT characters adding a new level of immersion and enjoyment for players. The upcoming land plots feature will grant players a stake in the digital lands of Planet Mojo, creating a sense of ownership and investment in the game world.

To start playing Mojo Melee, visit the Planet Mojo website, create an account, and connect your wallet. Choose your Mojo character and team, select a game mode, and dive into the action. The reward system in Mojo Melee offers both free play and investment opportunities, providing players with the flexibility to test game dynamics or purchase NFTs to enhance their gameplay.


Planet Mojo offers a captivating gaming experience with its interconnected universe, unique NFTs, and innovative features. With the release of Mojo Melee, players can expect an engaging and rewarding gaming journey. As Planet Mojo expands its metaverse and interconnected games, the potential for growth and increased player engagement remains high.