Parallel TCG Launches Alpha

Parallel TCD launches alpha
21 February 2023

Parallel, a sci-fi themed TCG, is set to release a new alpha version. The early access applications are open now, but only a select few will receive the first invites. The game has been releasing new card packs for a couple of months, and now players can see those cards in action during the closed alpha.

To apply for early access, players can visit the site. The invites for the alpha launch on February 28 will start going out on February 22. Players who own more NFTs may receive priority access. Players who are lucky enough to participate in the alpha can expect to see the distinctive, dark art style of Parallel's cards in action. The game features the typical TCG mechanics, where players first build a deck of cards and then compete in a duel, aiming to reduce their opponent's life to zero. However, Parallel offers some unique twists on TCG mechanics. Players build decks of 40 cards, with up to three copies of a card allowed in the deck, except for Legendary cards, which may only be included once. Each deck can use cards from one specific Parallel and also cards classified as Universal. In addition, players choose a Paragon for their deck, which offers passive bonuses throughout the match and can also function as in-play units with stats and potentially other bonuses or effects. Parallel also features an interesting mana/energy system, where players must "bank" cards from their hand to gain additional maximum energy each turn. This encourages strategic decision-making and makes for an engaging gameplay experience.

Collectors can pick up Parallel cards on OpenSea for as cheap as $1.50 US. NFTs in Parallel do not include game stats to allow for changes and balances as needed. The Parallel team also offers a card faucet on a regular basis, where players who trigger the faucet can receive a free NFT card by only paying the gas fees involved.

Parallel also features a play-to-earn component. Players who win matches with NFT cards in their deck receive PRIME tokens, the game's main token. Card collectors can already earn PRIME by staking their cards, and the game offers a card creation tool called Payload, where players can pay a fee in PRIME tokens to generate new cards.

Parallel brings some fresh features to the traditional TCG format, with its distinctive art style, strategic gameplay mechanics, and play-to-earn features.