Outer Ring MMORPG Sees $1.5M Investment

Outer Ring MMORPG Sees $1.5M Investment
13 March 2023

Maniac Panda Games has invested $1.5 million in Outer Ring MMO, a free-to-play crypto game that offers play-to-earn opportunities. Outer Ring MMO is an MMORPG that combines the science fiction and fantasy genres. 

The Outer Ring Gameplay

Outer Ring MMO is a science-fiction game set in a persistent open world with extensive lore. It features massive battles, mini-games, interactive metaverse experiences, and esports tournaments. The early access pre-alpha will launch on the BNB Chain in June of this year. The demo takes place in the Great Silver City of the planet Fanet. Players can combat inside dungeons and complete missions using land vehicles and unique weapons, and get a sense of the game’s economy. It’s possible to earn GQ tokens by completing quests. Users can spend their tokens building and customizing a house in the Great Silver City.

The universe of Outer Ring MMO consists of three factions and five species. Players must first choose one of the five species to start playing. Earthlings, Oracles, Va’ans, Scavengons, and Mechs each represent a different society with unique abilities and characteristics. The game deploys skill-based character development. As such, players must gain experience in physical skills such as running, jumping, and climbing, as well as tasks like mining resources and crafting weapons.

The game also deploys skill-based character development, with players needing to gain experience in physical skills like running, jumping, and climbing, as well as tasks like mining resources and crafting weapons. The game's different planets, asteroids, dungeons, and areas are rich with resources players need to harvest to create in-game assets like vehicles and ships.

The full release will feature arcade machines, battle arenas, and a political card game. The battle arenas will range from 200-player massive arenas to guild arenas. Players will gain play-to-earn incentives depending on their weekly leaderboard ranks. The battle arenas will host esports tournaments, as well. The mini-games will include single-player and multiplayer arcade machines, darts, billiards, and NFT-based games.

The game economy

The game's native decentralized app allows players to interact with the tokenized economy, which is fueled by the Outer Ring MMO (GQ) token. Players can earn GQ tokens by completing quests, trading in-game assets, and competing with other players in different ways. GQ is also the governance token, which means that players can use it inside the game to participate in the political game, a card game where gamers must win a series of discussions to rule certain regions. The token can be used to buy premium cosmetic items and exclusive content from in-house shops, bet on the outcomes of combat, participate in paid arcade games, and upgrade in-game gear like vehicles and ships. Outer Ring MMO also features an in-game currency called Exocredit (EXO), which players can exchange for in-game assets like weapons, vehicles, and equipment that can be turned into NFTs. Eventually, EXO will be convertible to cryptocurrencies.

With its innovative play-to-earn model, Outer Ring MMO aims to change the way gamers interact with blockchain technology. The game's immersive world and diverse gameplay modes promise to provide players with endless entertainment while rewarding them for their time and skill.