Oath of Peak MMORPG Web3 Game Launched

Oath of Peak MMORPG Web3 Game launched 2023
16 January 2023

Yeeha Games has finally released its highly-anticipated MMORPG game, Oath of Peak. This is the company's first major title, and it is expected to be popular among fans of the genre. The game is available for Android, iOS and PC, but initially, only Android users will be able to play it.

In Oath of Peak, players will have the opportunity to explore a rich and immersive game world filled with endless possibilities. The game is set thousands of years after a war has ended, and players take on the role of a new generation of Spirit Benders. The developers of Oath of Peak have spent years crafting a world to captivate players of all ages. From battling ancient beasts to sitting back and relaxing with friends on a fishing trip, there is no shortage of things to do in Oath of Peak.

One of the standout features of Oath of Peak is the variety of classes that players can choose from. There are five playable classes in total, and each one offers a unique playstyle and set of abilities. This allows players to tailor their in-game experience to suit their individual preferences. In addition to the main quest line, players will also have access to a range of side quests and mini-games that offer a variety of challenges and rewards.

When it comes to graphics, Oath of Peak does not disappoint. The game's visuals are beautiful, and players will feel like they are in a fantasy world for their entire time in the Omnispirit Realm. The special effects are divine, and they feel like they were pulled from an anime series. As is to be expected from a mobile MMORPG, the gameplay is fast-paced, and players will have access to typical features such as auto-play.

Oath of Peaks free to play…

Another unique aspect of Oath of Peak is its economy. The game is completely free to play, which is great news for the players. However, it also incorporates blockchain and NFT technology, allowing players to trade and own in-game assets. This is a new and exciting way for players to engage with their favorite games, and it is sure to attract many players who are looking for Web3 features.

As a Web3 game, Oath of Peak has a dual-token economy and NFTs. Starting with the NFTs, these exist as spirit beasts and users can mint them on their official website. They can be used as pets to aid players while battling in-game, and can also be staked to earn the in-game currency shells. They can also be used to breed to get another spirit beast. For breeding, players need to spend in-game currency, and they will get another Spirit Beast NFT as a reward. Spirit beasts can also be obtained by playing the game, but the genesis Spirit Beasts are stronger and will give players more benefits. The game interacts with the Polygon Blockchain, has NFTs, and will have a crypto token in the future.

Overall, Oath of Peak is a must-play for fans of mobile MMORPGs. The game offers a rich and immersive world, a variety of classes and gameplay options, and stunning graphics. The economy is unique, and the incorporation of blockchain and NFT technology is sure to attract many Web3 fans.