My Neighbor Alice Ending Season With a Big Build Quest

My Neighbor Alice Ending Season with a Big Build Quest
6 February 2023

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer farming game where users control the world. This Web3 game allows players to own virtual islands, interact with neighbors, and participate in daily activities, all while having the chance to earn rewards. Now it is concluding its Season 2 with a final community quest. Players are supposed to construct buildings that will appear in Season 3. The more contributions players make during these quests, the more buildings will be added in season 3. 

The game is currently in its alpha season, which runs until February 14. The season has featured four community quests that challenge players to construct buildings that will be added to the game's Town Hubs. The latest quest takes it a step further as players can join a team and help determine the size of a landmark building. In addition to helping build these buildings, players who participate in the alpha season 2 will also receive up to three placeable NFTs and one equippable NFT as rewards. At the end of the season, all players will receive a surprise reward for their efforts.

My Neighbor Alice Ending Season with a Big Build Quest

The Town Hubs in My Neighbor Alice are centralized social spaces where players can connect and participate in exciting activities. Each island will have unique town buildings, and players will soon be able to create their own Town Hubs to add to the variety of island life. As the player base grows, the team expects to see multiple Town Hubs in each region, making them the perfect gathering points for players to meet and participate in exciting activities. With the completion of the final community quest, players can expect even more thrilling additions in the upcoming season 3 of My Neighbor Alice.

My Neighbor Alice is a unique blend of building, farming, and trading. It allows players to grow crops, fish, craft, decorate, and trade, all within a multiplayer environment. The game interacts with the Binance Chain network and features its own token, ALICE. It is currently in alpha testing and only open to those who hold land plots, which can be purchased on the official marketplace for around 150 ALICE tokens, which is at the moment equivalent to approximately $280 USD.