Logan Paul's Cryptozoo Put to Shame by Degen Zoo

Logan Paul's Cryptozoo Put to Shame by Degen Zoo
15 March 2023

Cryptozoo is a Web3 game by Logan Paul that allegedly swindled its backers out of $4M while the game was never released. Degen Zoo was inspired by this incident and has now taken the Web3 world by storm. In just under 30 days, the game has registered over 150k wallets and is flourishing with a unique concept that encourages players to balance their needs with those of endangered species.

Logan Paul created CryptoZoo in August 2021, describing it as a fun game that could make players money. The project minted out 10,000 NFTs, generating an estimated $4M. However, development stalled, and the game never came out. Critics accused Logan Paul of stealing funds raised from investors and community members. In response, he claimed that the game required years of development and millions of dollars to be completed.

This is where Web3 genius Christoph Zaknun comes in. He took up the challenge of making the game single-handedly in 30 days. He called his version Degen Zoo and broadcasted daily updates of the development on Twitter. The game has now exceeded the demand of any GameFi release to date and has surpassed all previous benchmarks.

Christoph Zaknun created the game in just 30 days, raising over $700M in pledges from over 150k unique wallets. He has also pledged to donate all profits from Degen Zoo to charity, a stark contrast to Logan Paul's refusal to refund the money gained from CryptoZoo.

Degen Zoo is a unique crypto game that requires players to balance their needs with those of the world's most endangered species. It features 120 exotic creatures, simulating humanity's environmental impact. Players must make the supreme sacrifice and "kill" their own NFTs to save these species from extinction.

Critics of Logan Paul claim that he used his platform to exploit his followers. On Joe Rogan's podcast, Coffeezilla, a self-described scam detective, stated that Logan Paul has not refunded any money yet. In contrast, Christoph Zaknun personifies exactly who we should be supporting as a community. He has created a game that not only entertains but also supports a cause greater than itself.

Degen Zoo shows how to harness the power of Web3 and its ability to generate value beyond monetary gain. By donating all profits to charity, Christoph Zaknun has demonstrated that the Web3 community is not just about extracting value but also about creating value that can make a positive impact on the world. The success of Degen Zoo proves that there is a place for innovative and socially responsible projects in the world of Web3.