Legends of Elumia Launched

Legends of Elumia MMORPG launches in Beta
19 January 2023

Elumia Group has announced the release of the beta version of Legends of Elumia, an MMORPG that allows players to test their skills in multiplayer gameplay. The features include PVP battles, exploring dungeons, and joining guilds. The game is designed to cater to a variety of play styles, from socializing and exploring, to conquering challenges and battling other players.

Legends of Elumia Game Features

The game is set in the fictional city of Elumia, which is a bustling area built around the Infinite Tower, an ancient tower that existed long before human memory. According to the game's storyline, the city of Elumia came into existence after a portal opened. Not everyone who goes through the portal makes it back, and those who do have different stories to tell about the events they witnessed inside. Legends of Elumia offers players a full-fledged gaming experience with a range of features that focus on fun. The game has challenges, multiplayer mode, and high-quality graphics. 

Legends of Elumia is designed to be immersive and engaging, with players able to explore the city of Elumia and socialize with other players, shop for new equipment and items, trade in their old loot, and upgrade and repair their gear. PVE content is also a major focus of Legends of Elumia, with players able to explore hostile worlds and explore mysterious dungeons. Players can team up with others to defeat powerful enemies in end-game raids, and even create and join player guilds. As players progress through the game, they will have the opportunity to upgrade their characters.

PVP gameplay is another key component of Legends of Elumia, with players able to challenge other players to a test of skill in various modes, including team battles and leaderboard competitions. Players can even take their team to the eSports level, competing against other top players in the game.

What sets the game apart from other MMORPGs is its use of tokenization, which allows players to have full control over their characters, equipment, land, and buildings. Legends of Elumia has a strong focus on digital collectibles. Players will be able to own a variety of in-game NFT characters, each with its own 2D avatar image, 3D viewable version, and fully animated in-game 3D asset. In the future, the developers plan to mint items such as weapons, pets, and mounts as NFTs, as well.

How to Play

To participate in the beta version of Legends of Elumia, players must first have at least one Legends of Elumia Genesis Character NFT in their digital wallet. They must also have a digital wallet installed on their desktop browser that supports the Solana blockchain, such as Solflare, Torus, Ledger, Sollet, Slope, and Phantom. The developers recommend Phantom. Players must also create an account on the Legends of Elumia marketplace and connect their Solana-backed digital wallet to the marketplace.

Features in Beta

It's important to note that the game is currently in its beta phase, and players are encouraged to test out the various features and provide feedback to the developers. The game is playable both on mobile devices and PC, featuring different world zones, PVP battles, and challenging multiplayer dungeons. Players can also keep their loot and build their empires in Elumia City, purchase land, construct buildings, and enhance their characters in the game.