Legends of Elumia Goes Live

Legends of Elumia MMORPG launches in Beta
11 April 2023

Legends of Elumia is the latest Web3 game to go live! Backed by Animoca Brands, the group behind such successes as Benji Bananas, its development team consists of long-term industry giants from around the world. The game itself invites players to join the Elumia economy and enjoy this RPG as it transitions from beta testing to live.

In Legends of Elumia, players can exchange the on-chain currency token EKS for the in-game currency—Dust. Using these currencies, players can purchase in-game items and swap currencies on Raydium, an AMM (automated market maker) based on the Solana blockchain.

Various changes and improvements have been made in Legends of Elumia with the rollout of the live public, including progress made by players in the beta version being lost, but there are now NPC shops for champions and battlemages, and character NFTs now show levels as well as stats points. 

Elumia’s Goals

Legends of Elumia is aiming for nothing less than best-in-class status among blockchain games. An MMORPG with enticing visuals and gameplay, it offers PVE and PVP battles, guilds, raids on other players, and new mechanics offering players the chance to own in-game assets.

To play Legends of Elumia, players need only have a Genesis character and a wallet that is compatible with Solana, such as Superb Wallet. The game’s story includes the ancient mystic priest Elu, crystal shards, artifacts, airships, enemies, and of course the age-old battle against darkness and evil. Ready to try it out?