Last Chance to Win the Feather Weather Contest on Axie Infinity

Last Chance to Win the Feather Weather Contest on Axie Infinity
28 March 2023

As Axie Infinity's Season 3 draws to a close, the game creators have announced an exciting new contest for bird Axie enthusiasts called the Feather Weather Contest. The competition offers limited-time prizes to its participants.

In a surprise move, Axie Infinity has decided to remove the points required for the first milestone of the Feather Weather Contest. As of now, players can claim 100 free moonshards just for showing up. The game creators hope that this move will motivate players to complete the rest of the milestones and take full advantage of the contest.

The Feather Weather Contest is tailor-made for bird Axie fanatics, with all the missions revolving around them. Players can buy, release, and engage in battles with bird Axies to complete various missions that earn them valuable points. The more points a player earns, the greater their chances of winning multiple moonshards, moon dust, and exclusive limited-time cosmetics. The contest will run until March 29, so don't miss out on the opportunity to earn big!

In addition, the popular game mode, Blitz Mode, which was introduced at the start of the Epic Era and received excellent feedback, is included in the Feather Weather Contest. Players can earn contest points by playing Blitz Mode, providing them with another avenue to participate in the competition.