Kiraverse - a shooter game is coming to Open Beta

15 November 2022

Param Labs that developed Kiraverse, a new shooter using Unreal Engine 5, is releasing its Open Beta version soon. It’s an an AAA-quality game where players can play with their avatars from other collections. The game also features cross-platform gameplay. It already has a big player community and the game has partnered up with GameStop to sell their collectables. Even though this is a Web3 Play-and-Earn game it is completely free to play. Every player will be able to access all the content of Kiraverse without any cost.

Kiraverse has been in a private alpha since Q3 of 2022. The next phase is the public alpha and the ‘Season 1: Training Grounds’, which will be initially available for collectable holders in Q4 of 2022. Initially, there will be two main game modes available either Battle Royale with solos, duos, trios, squads or elimination with 1vs1 up to 10vs10.

Each game mode will be playable in three different extensions:

Free Extension – just for fun
Wager Extension – survive to win cash prizes
Earn per Kill Extension – each kill equals higher rewards

Another interesting feature is vehicles, players will have access to Motorcycles, hoverboards, flying cars, and armored trucks.  The game itself is fast paced action somewhat reminiscent of Fortnite. Kiraverse is a ruthless universe, where you need skill and speed to stay alive. 

KIRA, collectables and Play-and-Earn

Many titles are choosing Immutable X as their ecosystem, and Kiraverse is no exception. By interacting with Immutable X and partnering up with GameStop, Kiraverse’s NFTs will be available on both marketplaces. When it comes to Kira’s collectables there is a total supply of 10,001 native collectables that can be used in-game. Using them will give perks like: more KIRA tokens when playing, free matches, free in-game skins, earning new weapons and much more. Avatars from other collections will also be used as in-game avatars like Meta Boy, Pudgy Penguins, and BAYC.

The in-game token is KIRA. It can be purchased for money and will be used to buy collectables from Kira’s marketplace. Players will not be able to trade KIRA, but they will be able to sell the NFTs they have bought in-game.