Illuvium Beta Launched: Highly Anticipated Web3 Game Ready to Play

22 December 2022

Illuvium, a boundary-pushing Web3 game, announced the release of Illuvium Beta. This new game consists of three unique experiences: Illuvium Overworld, Arena, and Zero. In Illuvium, players can play and own different assets across these multiple games, giving them more freedom over their gameplay experience.

What is the Illuvium Web3 game?

Illuvium Overworld is a free-to-play, open-world collection game available both on PC and Mac. Players can explore a shattered world and collect resources as they capture Illuvials to become the most dominant ranger. To capture Illuvials, players must avoid hazards and gather valuable resources, including shards, gemstones, and consumables. These resources let players craft and upgrade gear that will help them in battles, such as helmets, jetpacks, boots, and weapons. 

Winning battles against opposing teams allows players to capture creatures called Illuvials. These Illuvials can then be battled in the arena or sold on the Illuvidex market exchange. Players need to enhance their kit, armaments, and Illuvials to improve their chances of victory in the arena and climb the leaderboard. Illuvium Beta consists of exploring and playing this part of the game.

In addition to Illuvium Overworld, players can also access Illuvium Zero, a unique game that allows players to develop their own collectible land and acquire fuel, which is necessary to enter higher-stage regions in Illuvium Overworld. Players can also purchase fuel on the Illuvidex market.

Illuvium game collectibles

Illuvium collectibles come in two main types: land, and Collectible NFTs. Land collectibles represent virtual plots of land in the Illuvium land virtual world. Land provides fuel inside the game, used to explore further areas in Illuvium Overworld. Collectible NFTs include Illuvials that fight by your side. Other types of collectibles will join as they are announced later in the game’s development.

What does Illuvium Beta look like?

You get to explore the many areas of the Crimson Waste while you harvest plants, mine deposits, and capture Illuvials. Climb your way to the top of the leaderboard through battles, and improve your ranger’s gear to get stronger. Play your deck in higher-stage zones to capture higher-tier Illuvials. All players who have access to Arena: Private Beta 2 also automatically gain access to Overworld Private Beta.

Illuvials in Web3 game Illuvium with a ranger

Top tips for entering the Illuvium Beta game

If you still need access to Illuvium Beta, you can register on the official Illuvium website and check out their Discord and socials for several upcoming giveaways! For those already diving into the game, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started: all rangers begin their journey with two Illuvials in their deck and a handful of cured shards. With your team backing you up, you can win battles and capture Illuvials. However, risk-averse rangers can mine mineral deposits and harvest plants in the stage 0 zone to preserve their daily fuel allowance and gather the resources they need to better equip their Ranger.