Hunters On-Chain Game First Tournament

Hunters On-Chain Game First Tournament
20 March 2023

The gaming community is abuzz as Hunters On-Chain, the action–adventure game from BoomLand, opened to the public. The Launch Tournament was their highly anticipated first event. This epic tournament offered players the chance to win tokens and other great prizes, including a Common Hunter NFT and the coveted Genesis Chest.

Launch Tournament

What made this tournament unique was that everyone was welcome to participate, and each player was provided with pre-made playable characters to ensure an even playing field. The game's official website hosted the tournament, and players could easily log in by creating a Sequence Wallet that took mere seconds.

Leaderboard winners shared 5000 Common Hunter NFTs and 1 million native $BGEM tokens. The Common Hunter NFTs will allow players to access the game for free once it goes live on the mainnet. The prizes will be allocated based on leaderboard positions. But the rewards don't stop there! According to BoomLand, if 5000 players made it to the leaderboard, the team would give away Genesis Chests to all participants. Each chest contains a Genesis Hunter with a Legendary artifact that provides a 100% $BGEM earning boost over other Premium Hunters.

To ensure seamless distribution of prizes, the team will release a login form that ties all players' wallets into a single account. This is how players will receive their Common Hunters once the mainnet is live.

This tournament was an exciting event for gamers of all levels. With NFT prizes, $BGEM tokens, and the chance to win the highly coveted Genesis Chest, players had plenty of reasons to take part. Stay tuned for Hunters On-Chain Launch soon!