HELIX GTA-like Gaming Metaverse in "NYC"

Image of news story HELIX GTA-like Gaming Metaverse in "NYC"
18 April 2023

A virtual world that aims to merge the excitement of Grand Theft Auto with the ingenuity of Web3 technology? Welcome to HELIX, a lifelike virtual open world fashioned after the city of New York. Hypersonic Laboratories, based in Los Angeles, developed this immersive platform utilizing the powerful Unreal Engine 5 and the Ethereum blockchain. HELIX delivers engaging gameplay and social interaction opportunities, and its metaverse is constantly evolving. The game just hosted a tournament with a $100K prize pool.

What's in the game

HELIX stands for the "Hyper Expansive Lifelike Interoperable eXperience", and the players begin by creating their character, starting with a modest amount of virtual currency. By participating in a range of activities, players can accrue additional virtual currency to improve and enhance their character's life.

Moreover, players can explore the open-world Parallel City, engage in various activities to earn status, assets, and power, or socialize with other players. HELIX caters to traditional gamers with missions and challenges while providing networking and community-building spaces. The world design and features of Parallel City take significant influence from present-day New York City. This virtual city offers a variety of unique neighborhoods, each with its own distinct characteristics such as varying traffic and building densities, vehicle types, and NPC demographics.

Ways of playing

HELIX provides players with a selection of gameplay modes to choose from, including role-playing (RP). Users can create and host servers, customize scripts, and develop unlimited scenarios in Parallel City. The Genesis RP Server, exclusively available to whitelisted players and streamers upon launch, will gradually open up to more players. This will offer playable roles such as a police officer, bartender, lawyer, and taxi driver.

In addition to freely exploring Parallel City and creating a niche industry within the world, players can engage in traditional game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Battle Royale, Survival, and Imposter. Competing against each other, users can earn rewards and build their base of power within the ecosystem, all secured on the blockchain.

Goals of HELIX

HELIX is crafting the game with core principles in mind, offering independence and immersion for players. They have put a lot of effort into high-quality graphics, which are vital for deep metaverse immersion. HELIX dazzles with top-notch visuals and simulations, covering environments, characters, vehicles, outfits, accessories, and buildings.

NFTs empower players with unparalleled ownership opportunities and by transforming virtual assets into unique, tangible digital assets. HELIX's items are NFT-backed, preventing duplication or theft without permission. The game champions an independent economy, eliminating conventional publisher-controlled transactions and items. Here, players trade items amongst themselves, empowering the community.

HELIX sets itself apart with its unique digital assets and social spaces. Players can express themselves through collectible wearables, customizing vehicles, owning properties, and collecting rare items. Emotes enable users to convey emotions through their avatars. For meeting players the game provides lounges, serving as gathering spots for socializing, deal-making, entertainment, and education. Lounges can be indoor or outdoor and are located throughout Parallel City. Cafés, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs provide venues for interactive events. With their sights set at supporting millions of players, they are looking for technologies and infrastructure to ensure seamless scaling and a fantastic player experience.

Closing Words

HELIX is an exciting metaverse that combines the thrill of traditional games with Web3 technology. With its realistic virtual world modelled after New York City, players can unleash their potential and explore a variety of unique neighborhoods, engage in traditional game modes, and socialize with others in lounges throughout Parallel City.

HELIX is built on the powerful Unreal Engine 5 and the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring high-quality graphics, NFT-backed digital assets, and a player-controlled economy. As the game progresses, more jobs are promised to open up to users, including roles such as a police officer, bartender, lawyer, and taxi driver.

With its focus on independence and immersion, HELIX is promising to be a true AAA gaming gem, and we're excited to see how it develops in the coming months and years.