Guild of Guardians Introduces New eSports Heroes

Guild of Guardians team up eSports heroes for sale
19 January 2023

Guild of Guardians, the popular bossfight RPG, teams up with eSports to introduce new themed heroes. More than 6 million esports fans are expected to be introduced to Web3 through the collaboration.

Guild of Guardians eSports Heroes Sale

Guild of Guardians, a Web3 RPG, has teamed up with eight of the top eSports teams to bring fans a unique and limited edition sale of eight legendary heroes. These heroes were created in collaboration with Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid, five of which are ranked in the top ten most valuable esports companies of 2022.

Each hero will be represented by two different in-game Guardians, which can be obtained as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with 8000 available for purchase and 8000 granted to community members through gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to purchase special “summonses” to receive a random tradeable Guardian of Legendary rarity that is a part of the special Early Adopters collection.

The public sale begins on February 19 at 10am AEDT, but there will be an allowlist for early access for those who either own a Guild of Guardians hero or complete all of the missions in an upcoming community challenge. The sale will take place on the IMX marketplace, with each summons costing around $99 (priced in ETH) and a total of 16,000 available for purchase.

These heroes will be fully playable in the game, and come with their own exclusive perks and utilities. This includes access to exclusive leaderboards with their own sets of prizes, unique cosmetic items and other collectibles, as well as potential access to real-life events and merchandise. Each hero will also be unique, with a 10% chance to be a Warrior, 2% chance to be an Elite, and a 1% chance to be a Mythic.

This partnership offers a great opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite esports teams and for the teams to expand their brand. Guild of Guardians plans to have a number of special events and giveaways leading up to the sale, so fans should keep an eye out on their Twitter and Discord channels for announcements. This is a one-time, limited edition sale, and it will last for one week or until all summonses are sold out.

The partnership with Guild of Guardians will also bring exposure to the brand and “a great opportunity by enabling closer interactions between fans and teams,” said Pietro Fringuelli, chairman of the executive board of the World Esports Association (WESA). “This offers a great opportunity by enabling closer interactions between fans and teams, and we can’t wait to see more possibilities like this emerge in the future.”

Guild of Guardians is also excited about this partnership, and the company's CEO said, "This is a great opportunity for our players to have a chance to own a piece of esports history, and for our teams to connect with their fans in a unique and meaningful way."

This partnership is a great way for fans to show their support for their favorite teams, and for teams to connect with their fans in a unique and meaningful way. The sale will be a one-time, limited-edition event, so fans should act fast to ensure they don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.

Three Phases of Introduction

The partnership between the Guild of Guardians and the teams will be implemented in three phases:

The first phase will see the introduction of the heroes into the GOG universe as playable characters after the Alpha release. These characters will have unique synergies when used in combination with other Guardians. Additionally, owning an esports hero will provide players with easier access to additional esports content that may be introduced in the future.

The second phase, Leaderboard Competitions, will introduce an esports system, where players and guilds can participate and compete for leaderboard rewards.

The third phase will offer exclusive in-game rewards, unique synergies for using certain combinations of guardians, and out-of-game rewards such as unique merch opportunities and VIP access to upcoming events for NFT holders.

What is the Guild of Guardians game?

Guild of Guardians is a cooperative fantasy action dungeon crawler game on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is meant to be played by teams of four, enter dungeons, battle through monsters, defeat powerful bosses, and earn experience and treasure. The game has collectible heroes, items, and pets, and is taking a mobile-first approach.

The game features a rewards pool that is filled with in-game token usage, and also includes features like pets, guilds, and raids. There are also plans for future implementations like land ownership, user-created dungeons, and incorporation into esports. 

Guild of Guardians will be free to play, but players who own collectible NFTs will have various advantages when playing the game.