Gods Unchained Game Mobile Pre-Alpha

Gods Unchained Game Mobile Pre-Alpha
28 February 2023

Gods Unchained, the popular blockchain-based collectible card game, takes a giant leap forward and joins the world of mobile gaming. The game has announced the launch of its first pre-alpha test of the mobile version. Players will be able to play on mobile for a limited time starting from February 28 until March 28, 2023.

While this pre-alpha test is not the final version of the game, the developers are excited to offer a peek behind the curtain of their mobile progress to a select group of engaged, active community members. This four-week-long test is intended to focus on testing the core gameplay on Android devices, without any of the bells or whistles on the desktop version.

The pre-alpha build will not include a lot of the features such as the forge and star store, deck building, or pack opening. Changing screen resolutions and other advanced settings will not be functional, and board UI elements will not be accessible for 4:3 and narrow screens. Additionally, if you want to access the tutorial, it will be available only on PC. 

The team has prioritized releasing the Android test first, as the majority of players worldwide use Android devices. For this Alpha, they will support the Pixel Series and Samsung S8 and above, and aim to expand support to more devices in future tests. The team has also committed to releasing an iOS build for testing later.

Players will have access to existing accounts to log in and play the game as usual for a seamless in-game experience. Any matches played on mobile and progress made will automatically reflect when signing in via desktop. The team is looking for player feedback on the launcher, gameplay, in-game UI, performance, and device issues. Surveys will be available in-app after gameplay, and more detailed surveys will be sent to players via email. The team hopes to improve the build based on players' experiences, and they will update the app weekly to address the bugs and feedback.

While the pre-alpha test is available for a limited time, this is just the beginning of the journey for the mobile release of Gods Unchained. The team promises to continue improving and updating the game, with more features, game modes, content, and more on the horizon.

The pre-alpha test is an exciting opportunity for the game's community members to test the game on mobile devices and provide feedback. This can help the team improve the game and build the best version of the game in the future. Any recent players could be chosen for the pre-alpha, so check your inbox to see if you are eligible to participate in the test and embark on the next adventure in the world of Eucos.