Giants Gala Game and Houbi Global Partner Up

Image of news story Giants Gala Game and Houbi Global Partner Up
6 April 2023

Gala Games the gaming platform has partnered up with Huobi Global, a cryptocurrency exchange, and Rock DAO, to work together on a GameFi ecosystem. As part of this partnership, Huobi and Gala Games will invest and list projects within the Gala ecosystem to expand the Web3 space. Gala Games offers its users the chance to develop play-to-earn games that involve cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These games allow players to buy, sell, and store in-game items that developers cannot alter or remove without players' explicit consent.

ROCK (Rock DAO) is a gaming token that will be deeply integrated in the ecosystems of Gala Games and Huobi. It will support game experiences, node cooperation, and community governance. Of the total supply of 6.01 billion, 1.4 billion ROCKs serve as the reserve fund and represent voting power, with Gala Games and Huobi holding 0.7 billion each. These 1.4 billion ROCKs only have governance and voting rights and will never be sold off. Gala Games will also issue commemorative NFTs exclusively for ROCK holders, and ROCK will be used as a reward/discount currency in the Gala Games entertainment ecosystem.

Gala Games will soon migrate its entire entertainment ecosystem to its own layer-1 blockchain, currently known as Project GYRI. Meanwhile, Gala Games will also assist Rock DAO in establishing partnerships with blockchain security institutions and various project parties. Gala Games also plans to connect with the TRON ecosystem, allowing more utility for the ROCK token.

Huobi aims to enrich the gaming experience for users by providing users with a safe and secure environment to game and trade digital assets. The partnership with Gala Games and Rock DAO will expand Huobi's presence in the GameFi field by exploring new business models in the ecosystem. Gala Games sees this cooperation as a great opportunity to expand its global reach and develop the GameFi ecosystem. The two parties plan to launch a Visa-backed crypto-to-fiat debit card in the European Economic Area in the second quarter of 2023.

About the companies

Gala Games is a gaming company that operates on the Web3 platform. It utilizes decentralization, player ownership, and reward economies to introduce a fresh approach to gaming. With a multitude of games in development and several already in various stages of playtesting, Gala Games is quickly emerging as a global leader in experience-ownership gaming. One of its leading games, Town Star, has already paid its players $2M.

Huobi, established in 2013, has transformed from a cryptocurrency exchange into a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain enterprises that encompass digital asset trading and other ventures. With millions of users across global markets, Huobi is dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience for users by providing a secure and safe environment for gaming and digital asset trading, as well as by exploring new business models in the ecosystem.