Genopets Introducing Fetch and Feed Minigames

Genopets Introducing Fetch and Feed Minigames
27 February 2023

Genopets, a game on the Solana blockchain, has added two new features. The "Feed" and "Fetch" mini-games are an addition to its existing lineup of "Food" and "Toy" gameplay. Players use these mini-games to keep their Genopets fed and happy, resulting in better step-to-energy conversion. While these mini-games were well-received at launch, the Genopets team received criticism about the mechanics being too hard, making players lose their NFT loot.

To address the criticisms, the team is introducing a practice mode, where players can familiarize themselves with the mini-games without using any of their actual NFT items. Additionally, the hitboxes will be made slightly larger and the indicator movement will lag a little more. Players will also be able to see the actual numeric values for the items they use to "Feed" and "Fetch". These changes should alleviate some of the initial concerns and make the mini-games more accessible to players.

Genopets is a free-to-play game that allows players to collect steps while walking. Those steps are converted into Energy, and then the Energy can be used to level up their Genopets. Genopets visually change as they level up, with higher-level Pets offering a better step-to-energy conversion rate. Energy can also be exchanged for the game's KI tokens. The game features a number of different resources that can be bought for the tokens, including Genesis Genopets, Habitats, Raw Crystals, Refined Crystals, Terraform Seeds, and Pet Augments. 

The Genopets team is constantly looking for ways to improve the game for the community. The next major update will introduce Augments, that will allow players to customize their Genopet's appearance via body parts and color, and will also have a material impact on the pets later on in the game. There will also be a new level-based Energy conversion system, and other technology that will redefine what an NFT is and can do. These welcome additions will undoubtedly enhance the gameplay experience for players.

Currently in closed beta, Genopets is open to those with a Habitat or Genopet and those on the whitelist. The team regularly adds new players to the whitelist and has recently added a referral system, allowing players to invite someone else to join.