Gala Games Adding Dozen Blockchain Games

Gala Games Adding Dozen Blockchain Games
15 February 2023

Good news for mobile gamers! Gala Games, the blockchain-based gaming platform, is set to onboard over a dozen mobile games to its ecosystem in the coming months. With the addition of these mobile games, more than 20 million existing players are expected to join their platform.

The mobile gaming industry has come a long way, and mobile devices are the most comfortable and convenient entertainment devices we have ever known. The growth of the mobile gaming industry has been immense and new systems have blurred the line between mobile and console.

Gala Games has recently acquired the mobile gaming wizard Ember Entertainment, which will bring their entire portfolio of mobile games to the ecosystem. Ember Entertainment is the team behind The Walking Dead Empires, and they have a successful portfolio of numerous other mobile games as well. This move is set to allow for onboarding massive numbers of new users to Web3 gaming.

The first two mobile games that will be onboarded into the Gala Games Ecosystem are Meow Match and Dragon Strike, both of which are already available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Meow Match is a match 3 mobile game with unique, cross-genre mechanics. It already has a variety of in-game items that will lend themselves perfectly to Web3. In Meow Match, all owned cats will become NFT assets on the Gala Games blockchain, and the cross-functionality and reward utility for these cats will be established gradually throughout the ecosystem.

Dragon Strike is a match 3 mobile game that will allow Gala account holders to receive a Scroll of Minting, enabling them to mint an in-game item on the blockchain. Additional Scrolls of Minting will be purchasable in the Gala Games store for $100. Events and rewards rollout are planned for Q2.

Gala Games has emphasized the importance of mobile gaming in its ecosystem, stating that this is the way to onboard massive numbers of new users to Web3 gaming, build a sustainable ecosystem with rewarding games for all types of players, empower people through play, give everyone all over the world a chance to empower themselves, and publish new, high-quality games very quickly.

The Gala Games team is encouraging Gala Gamers to start playing early to stake their claims for future rewards. Roadmaps for the mobile games will be revealed as they become available, and Gala Games plans to release them in rapid succession.