Final Fantasy VII NFT Card Release

Final Fantasy VII NFT Card Release
30 March 2023

Attention all Final Fantasy VII enthusiasts! Square Enix has announced it will release a phygital card drop, unveiling an exciting way for fans to acquire all the coveted commemorative items related to the game. The Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus is a physical trading card set featuring over 200 artworks in honor of the game's 25th anniversary. Even better, you can now collect these cards both physically and digitally. The physical box set consists of 20 card packs, each containing six randomly chosen physical trading cards from a pool of unique designs. Additionally, every pack includes an exchange ticket that can be used to claim any digital card of your choice.

The Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus collection offers a vast selection of designs to choose from, with a total of 207 variations. From standard cards to premium foil cards, variant cards to secret cards, there's a wide variety to collect. Additionally, with the ability to acquire both physical and digital versions of the cards, the possibilities of the collection are vast.

The digital cards will use blockchain technology so you can collect them as NFTs. This assures that your digital cards will be safe and one-of-a-kind, possibly increasing their value to collectors. Furthermore, with the exchange ticket included in each physical pack, you can add more cards to your digital collection with ease. Claiming the card NFTs is easy, just use the exchange ticket that's bundled with the cards. It allows you to pick any of the 207 available card designs. To claim it just download the Enjin wallet, sign up for a free account, and that's it.

This is good news both for Final Fantasy super fans as well as NFT collectors who want to invest in NFTs. As Final Fantasy VII is such a strong brand the Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus collection is definitely worth considering. To stay in the loop follow them on socials and visit the project website, which has all the details and launch info.

Enjin Blockchain

Enjin is a blockchain-based platform that is creating secure and unique digital assets. Partnering with Square Enix has enabled Final Fantasy VII fans to collect the cards as NFTs. This means the digital cards are unique and cannot be replicated or tampered with, making them highly valuable to collectors.

To redeem these digital cards, users need to download the Enjin wallet app and create a free account with the Enjin NFT platform. This partnership between Square Enix and Enjin is an exciting development for fans of Final Fantasy VII and collectors of unique digital assets. Each exchange ticket can be redeemed for one digital card. The claim dates for the cards will be announced later, and there is no restriction on the number of digital cards that can be redeemed by a user.