Crypto Games Roundup: Week 4 of February 2023

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28 February 2023

It was a good week for crypto gaming, the top 5 of the games on the board improved their player numbers. This signals the healthy growth of the Web3 gaming scene. Furthermore, Ubisoft launched NFT Rabbids in The Sandbox and they sold out in 45 minutes. Bored Ape Yacht Club finished their first game Dookie Dash, and the winner of the golden key was Fortnite player Mongraal. He immediately listed the key for sale for $3.6 million and has now sold it for $1.6 million. BAYC has launched "Lick the Toad", phase 2 of the event with other prizes to be won. This is a run-down of this week's news in case you missed any of it. 

Ubisoft Brought NFT Rabbids to The Sandbox and they sold out in 45 minutes

Ubisoft Brings NFT Rabbids to The Sandbox

Ubisoft, the famous video game publisher, continued its push into the world of Web3. They released Rabbids NFT avatars for The Sandbox, an Ethereum metaverse game. Ubisoft began selling the avatars on February 22 to users on the allowlist via the Polygon network, with each selling for around $78. They sold out in 45 minutes.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Lick the Toad

Bored Ape Yacht Club Lick The Toad NFT Mini Game

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) brings out another exciting chapter in the trial of Jimmy the Monkey. They announced the opening of the Sewer for the next event “Lick the Toad”.

Splinterlands Reaches 2 Billion Transactions

Splinterlands Reaches 2 Billion Transactions

Splinterlands, a Web3 game, has announced that it has surpassed 2 billion transactions since its start back in 2018. This milestone is another indication of the rapid and stable growth the game has experienced in the world of Web3 gaming. Splinterlands currently accounts for between 3 to 5 million daily transactions, according to the company. The game, built on the Hive blockchain, accounted for 96% of all transactions on said blockchain, according to DappRadar.

Axie Homeland Earn Through Land Management

Axie Infinity Homeland Play and  Earn Through Land Management

Axie Infinity announced the launch of Alpha Season 1 for its land game, Axie Homeland. This game mode offers strategic land-management that allows players to decorate and develop their plots while putting their Axies to work. This season includes leaderboards and token rewards for the top 500 players in Passive Adventure and Land Development.

Parallel TCG Launches Alpha

Parallel TCD launches alpha

Parallel, a sci-fi themed TCG, is set to release a new alpha. The early access applications are open and only a select few will receive the first invites. The game has been releasing new card packs for a couple of months, and now players can see those cards in action during the closed alpha.

Weekly top players by game

Here's this week's look at the most successful games according to DappRadar
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Number of players 
1Alien Worlds284
3Farmers World 88
4Planet IX 82
5Upland 66
6Axie Infinity39
7Meta Apes 33
8Era7: Game of Truth    33
9Benji Bananas 28
10   Arc8 by GAMEE 26


Game spotlight of the week: Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is an open-world space sim experience that tests the outer limits of your gaming skills. Blowfish Studios offers stunning action sequences, a compelling story mode, and player governance and ownership. Phantom Galaxies could be the future of Web3 gaming.

Phantom Galaxies poster review