Crypto games roundup: week 3 of February 2023

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20 February 2023

A lot has been happening this week in crypto gaming. The global highlight—Brazilian Carnival—was featured in two different metaverses. Smurfs returned to the public's eye, but sadly ended up being petrified into stone and need your help, and Gala Games is adding a dozen games to its portfolio. This is a run-down of this week's news in case you missed any of them. 

 Decentraland and Upland host a virtual Carnival 

Decentraland and Upland Host Metaverse Carnival

Upland and Decentraland have teamed up to host the famous Brazilian Carnival in the metaverse. Users from around the world get a chance to experience and celebrate the unique event in an interactive space. The virtual Brazilian Carnival will start February 16 and will take place throughout the rest of February 2023. 

Gala Games Adding Dozen Blockchain Games 

Gala Games Adding Dozen Blockchain Games

Gala Games, the blockchain-based gaming platform, is set to onboard over a dozen mobile games to its ecosystem in the coming months. With the addition of these mobile games, more than 20 million existing players are expected to join their platform.

Skyweaver Hexbound Invasion Starts Season 17

Skyweaver Hexbound Invasion Starts Season 17

Skyweaver, the popular Web3 trading card game, has just started its 17th season. They also recently launched their second expansion, Hexbound Invasion. With 50 new cards and a brand-new ability called Slay, the latest expansion promises to keep players entertained for hours. 

The Sandbox Collaborates With Invincible Series

The Sandbox Collaborates with Invincible Series
Fans of the popular animated series, Invincible, are in for a treat. The show will debut on The Sandbox, a leading metaverse platform. The announcement of this collaboration came from a statement released by The Sandbox on January 31, 2023, which coincides with the original comic series' 20th anniversary. 

Smurfs' Society Launches Game

Smurfs' Society Launches Game
The beloved Smurfs are back and they’re taking the crypto world by storm with their new NFT collection game, the Smurfs’ Society. Players help free the Smurfs after their magic was stolen by Gargamel, turning them all to stone. The game is said to promote Smurfs’ values, with players striving to make the web and the world a better place.

Weekly top players by game

Here's this week's look at the most successful games according to DappRadar. 
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Number of players 
1Alien Worlds298
3Farmers World 81
4Planet IX 75
5Upland 61
6Axie Infinity40
7Meta Apes 38
8Era7: Game of Truth    36
9Benji Bananas 31
10   PlayMining 27


Game spotlight of the week

If you don't know about Wombat Dungeon Master then be sure to check it out. Wombat Dungeon Master is an NFT staking game with a dungeon theme that involves wombats. You as the Dungeon Master hide NFTs that you own in a dungeon, and then send your wombat into the dungeon to hunt them. The game is a very creative take on a familiar game type.

Wombat Dungeon Master poster review