Fabled Dark Souls-Like Web3 RPG Launches

The Fabled Web3 Dark Souls like RPG launches
4 January 2023

The Fabled is a fantasy action RPG Web3 game that is reminiscent of Dark Souls. It was developed using Unreal Engine 5. Players become more powerful through exploring the world, fighting monsters, battling bosses, and gathering loot. To play the launched alpha version of the game, players need to have bought a Mintpass or MintKey, or get on the whitelist.

This release opens the first of three demo areas, released to introduce the player to the gameplay. The second area is promised to be released in January or February. The demo game is tough, again like Dark Souls. Enemies are strong, and many can one-shot the players, making it important to dodge and parry. The game is very challenging for players, and enemies can easily defeat them. Players can find and equip various items to help themselves progress, and are encouraged to explore the map to find hidden rewards. The game has detailed graphics, so it may be rough on older computers.

The Fabled Gameplay

Players venture into the Abyss when ready for adventure. Portals are used to access the wilderness, which is home to ferocious monsters. Each level is its own world, complete with a boss to defeat at the end. Worlds differ in appearance and effects, with plans to include seasonal worlds for extra flavor in the future.

The Fabled will offer players the ability to buy some collectible game items using tokens. Those items will gain power and also have visual upgrades. Some items will be available for a limited time only and will become unobtainable when their season is up. This will make them even rarer. The Fabled will also offer consumable rewards for token owners who "stake" their tokens, such as the ability to ride dragons and own Homesteads. Homesteads will include farms for growing crops, crafting areas, and customizable houses to showcase all of a player's loot. There will also be an in-game marketplace.

Another exciting feature of the game is the in-depth AI and NPC interaction system. It has branching dialog decision trees and complex AI behavior mechanics that bring the world of The Fabled to life. Keep an eye on the game's Twitter account and Discord channels for opportunities to join in this or an upcoming alpha test.