ESL Runiverse Partnership Promising Crypto Collaboration

Image of news story ESL Runiverse Partnership Promising Crypto Collaboration
5 May 2023

ESL has formed a partnership with Runiverse, one of the leading platforms in the metaverse gaming industry. The collaboration between one of the largest esports tournament organizers and a major cryptocurrency platform aims to completely transform the gaming experience of the esports community on Web3. We're eagerly awaiting the announcement of their first joint project, which is set to launch next month.

Who is partnering?

Runiverse is a prominent gaming platform in the metaverse that enables users to play against rivals using marketplace tokens in real time, creating a highly competitive and immersive gaming experience. The game combines blockchain technology and double-or-nothing play to provide a safe and entertaining ecosystem where users can earn great rewards. Users can earn rewards through rallies or by holding Runiverse player game NFTs, allowing them to earn a 6% crypto reward of the prize pool.

ESL is one of the world's leading tournament organizers in esports, providing a wide range of products such as the ESL Pro Tour, Snapdragon Pro Series, and Intel Extreme Masters, which range from entry to professional levels. This partnership between ESL and Runiverse makes sense as Runiverse's "Run to Win" game combines blockchain technology's fun ecosystem with a safe environment to play, making ESL an ideal platform for Runiverse to grow exponentially in esports.

What can you expect?

The partnership between these two companies promises to innovatively change the Web 3 gaming experience. Both organizations are committed to transforming the esports community's gaming experience on Web3 by combining their expertise and resources to provide innovative and exciting gaming experiences to their users.

Gip Cutrino, Runiverse's COO, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that everyone in the company feels fortunate to work with such an important platform as ESL. He also noted that with their upcoming project, they seek to revolutionize the relationship between Web3 and traditional esports games.

The partnership represents an exciting development in the gaming industry. It promises to provide gamers with innovative and captivating gaming experiences that combine blockchain technology, double-or-nothing play, and safe environments to play in.