AI Powered Shooter Delysium Launches Season 1

Web3 game Delysium launches its season 1
2 January 2023

Delysium is a game that has been highly anticipated by the public ever since its gameplay trailer. The Web3 game has been available in pre-alpha since May, and now Delysium has launched its first season. Season pass holders can take on other players in the battle royale game mode. Delysium has had a lot of hype surrounding it, and a lot of users are already playing and getting a head start. Playing this cyberpunk shooter is fun, and furthermore you can earn different in-game rewards. From the start Delysium has managed to raise millions in funds through collectible sales, which signals strong public interest and a devoted player community.

In season 1 players can play in either a Battle Royal ranked mode or in Casual Battle. Casual Battle is a game mode where players can earn coins that can be spent to buy up to five tickets. With these tickets, players can then participate in a Battle Royale and climb the leaderboard.

The list of rewards that players can get for playing Delysium’s season 1:

  • Split cash rewards
  • Limited edition Unicorn NFTs
  • Limited edition on-chain achievement tokens

Tournaments are also held from time to time, participants might earn USDC and rare collectibles.

How can you play Delysium season 1?

To play users will need to get a season 1 pass. This can be obtained in two different ways: players can head to Open Sea and purchase it; the other way is to visit the official Discord of Delysium and head to the “registration-wl” channel. It’s also recommended to keep a close eye on their announcements and streams, where they have occasional giveaways. They also organize raffles for members who have a certain level on their Discord, so being active there increases the chance of getting the season pass and other collectibles.

Delysium web3 shooter is AI powered

What is Delysium?

Delysium is an AI-powered open world with diverse free-to-own universes set in a dystopian Cyberpunk world. At first look, Delysium looks like a regular third-person shooter, similar to Grand Theft Auto V or Cyberpunk 2077. But Delysium has a lot more in store other than being just that. The team defines the project as a “Multiverse” with a “Decentralized Game Publishing Structure”.

Players can design the free-to-own universes and experiences of Delysium's AI-powered open world universe. To do this, they will need a Delysium Multiverse License to become a Delysium Multiverse Operator, or DMO—in other words, an experience designer.

In the future users can stake tokens to vote for and support their favorite DMOs. Stakers will be then rewarded by the team for participating in the activity. There are also Delysium Multiverse Accelerators (DMA), which are now being sold for 1000 USD. These give users the power to cast more votes and will also award these users with more rewards.

Basically, there is this Decentralized Game Publishing structure where the DMOs can build experiences, and DMA owners and stakers vote and give more power to their favorite DMOs. 

Delysium's AI Metabeing technology

AI Metabeings are in-game AI players and they are granted private property rights and can hold game assets, participate in the economy as well as in game modes, and earn income similar to human players. At the core, Metabeings are key contributors to Delysium ecosystems and engage in rational economic behavior such as consumption and investment.

AI Metabeings are built with neural systems, consisting of Conversational, Behavioral and Natural Language Processing (NLP) modules. These neural systems are algorithmically distributed, resulting in unique behaviors and personalities—driving the way that they conduct themselves in the virtual world.