Crypto Games Roundup: Week 3 of March 2023

Crypto Games Roundup: Week 3 of March 2023
20 March 2023

As scandals rage around crypto currencies the gaming world is staying strong. Top games may have lost some players, but new games made up for it in numbers. The week also brought a lot of new games to the public, some opened with popular tournaments, and some with events. Degen Zoo showed Logan Paul how things should be done in the world of Web3. This is a run-down of this week's news in case you missed any of it.

Raiders Rumble Launch With a Tournament

Raiders Rumble Launch With A Tournament
Raiders Rumble is something new for mobile strategy gaming fans. Bloxsmith, the player-first Web3 gaming studio, has announced the open beta release of the game, a unique 1v1 squad battler game for mobile. Raiders Rumble features fast-paced strategic decision-making gameplay where players counter their opponents' moves to win the match.

Hunters On-Chain Game First Tournament

Hunters On-Chain Game First Tournament

The gaming community gave a warm welcome to the first tournament of Hunters On-Chain. The action–adventure game from BoomLand opened to the public las week. The Launch Tournament was their highly anticipated first event. This epic tournament offered players the chance to win tokens and other great prizes, including a Common Hunter NFT and the coveted Genesis Chest. Thousands of players tried out the game.

Logan Paul's Cryptozoo Put to Shame by Degen Zoo

Logan Paul's Cryptozoo Put to Shame by Degen Zoo
Cryptozoo was the Web3 game by Logan Paul that allegedly swindled its backers out of $4M without ever releasing the game. Degen Zoo was inspired by this incident and has now taken the Web3 world by storm. In just under 30 days, the game has registered over 150k wallets and is flourishing with a unique concept that encourages players to balance their needs with those of endangered species.

Continuum World Launches First Explorers Event

Continuum World Launches First Explorers NFT Game Event

After the delays of Continuum World the game has finally launched the live version, called First Explorers. This free-to-play game mode allows players to gather resources, construct buildings, and complete missions for various rewards. Whether exploring the world or farming their own land, gathering resources is the aim of the game.

Weekly top players by game

Here's a look at this week's most successful crypto games according to DappRadar. Benji Bananas and Yuliverse have seen major growth in their numbers, and while Benji Bananas has been on the board before, Yuliverse is a newcomer, combining Pokémon Go and Tinder. Join our weekly mailing list to get the news and statistics straight to your email. 

Number of players 
1Alien Worlds299
4Benji Bananas96
5Planet IX 88
6Farmers World 85
7Hunters On-Chain by BoomLand 72
8Upland 65
10   Axie Infinity42

* The number of players refers to UAW, or Unique Active Wallets. This means the number of in-game players with an active wallet that is used for transactions. This doesn't take into account players who don't use or haven't used their wallets in-game.

Game spotlight of the week: META APES

Meta Apes poster review

Our spotlight this week at Superb is Meta Apes, a base-building, team-centered game where Planet of the Apes meets Vikings: War of Clans. Endless buildings and skills to upgrade, battles to be fought, prizes to be claimed…if you don’t have OCD yet, this game will give it to you!

It’s an MMORPG that’s a ton of fun and free to play. Think you have it in you to be the ultimate alpha?