Crypto Games Roundup: Week 2 of April 2023

Crypto Games Roundup: Week 2 of April 2023
11 April 2023

Week 2 of April has been an eventful one for Web3 gaming. Sky Mavis is expanding their network, and Amazon is launching its own NFT marketplace. Gala Games takes the spotlight however for the week’s news, with the announcement that players have been paid a handsome sum of $2 million. 

Sky Mavis Expands Ronin Network

Sky Mavis expands Ronin network

Sky Mavis, the makers of Axie Infinity, have announced the launch of four new games on their Ronin network. Using the more than $1.3 billion made from Axie Infinity, they have improved their blockchain’s efficiency and security for the expansion of their network.

Amazon's NFT Marketplace to Open in April?

amazon marketplace.jpg

The rumors surrounding Amazon’s supposed launch of an NFT marketplace are continuing. Anonymous sources cited by Big Whale suggest that the online shopping giant will launch its own “Amazon Digital Marketplace” on April 24 along with 15 NFT collections. Reportedly only available as a tab on their main website to customers inside the United States, the plan is to eventually be rolled out internationally as well.

Gala Games Town Star Players Have Earned Over 2M

Gala Games TownStar Players Have Earned Over 2M

The play-to-earn model of gaming is no doubt one of the most notable features of the Web3 gaming revolution. Players are offered tangible rewards for in-game achievements and assets. One such game is Town Star by Gala Games, which is a city-building strategy game. Since its launch, players have been paid out $2 million through their in-game activities.

Giants Gala Game and Houbi Global Partner Up


Continuing with Gala Game’s major week, the gaming platform has announced it is partnering with Huobi Global, a cryptocurrency exchange, and using Rock DAO, a token that will link the two. The goal is to further develop and enhance the Gala ecosystem and Web3 overall.

FIFA Introduces AI Football League

FIFA introduces AI Football League

FIFA is teaming up with Altered State Machine to release a beta of AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. What’s unique about this is that AI-powered football teams can be created and managed by players. Players (i.e. the team managers) can customize football players’ AI skills as they try to move their squad to the top of the rankings.

Legends of Elumia Goes Live

Legends of Elumia MMORPG launches in Beta

Legends of Elumia is the latest Web3 game to go live, an MMORPG that invites players to join the Elumia economy. Excellent graphics, gameplay, and in-game battles have been produced by the group behind huge successes like Benji Bananas, and backed by Animoca Brands.

Weekly top players by game

Here's a look at this week's most successful crypto games according to DappRadar. Some of the top games have lost some players, some have gained players (especially Iskra), but it seems that overall there are more players in general. Join our weekly mailing list to get the news and statistics straight to your email. 

 GameNumber of players (thousands)*
1Alien Worlds283
3Farmers World 94
5Planet IX78
6Upland 62
7Benji Bananas 55
8Oath of Peak46
9Axie Infinity36
10   SecondLive31










* The number of players refers to UAW, or Unique Active Wallets. This means the number of in-game players with an active wallet that is used for transactions. This doesn't take into account players who don't use or haven't used their wallets in-game.

Game spotlight of the week: Trickshot Blitz

Trickshot Blitz poster

If you like pool on the go then Trickshot Blitz is the game for you! A simple arcade-style app that’s free to play, free to earn, and free to have fun, this game incorporates Web3 components so you can actually make a little money as you hone your skills. Participate in numerous tournaments to earn various rewards that can be cashed out using your crypto wallet.