Crypto Games Roundup: Week 1 of April 2023

Crypto Games Roundup: Week 2 of April 2023
3 April 2023

The week saw some slowing down in the numbers of Web3 players. Also not a week goes by that we don't talk about Yuga Labs and their game and NFT projects. This week we saw them pair up with Gucci to bring fashion to their metaverse, the Otherside. Fashion has been one of the strongest drivers behind metaverse adoption, with phygital releases being a big part of it. Phygital is also the way Final Fantasy VII went with its collecting card release.

Feather Weather Contest on Axie Infinity Ends Season 3

Last Chance to Win the Feather Weather Contest on Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity's Season 3 ended with the game creators announcing an exciting new contest for bird Axie enthusiasts called the Feather Weather Contest. The competition offered limited-time prizes to its participants.

Confusing Interface Costs Owner $135K NFT

Confusing Interface Costs Owner $135K NFT

Brandon Riley, an NFT collector, suffered a significant loss after accidentally destroying a CryptoPunk NFT worth $135,372.16 in a loan attempt. Riley, who purchased the valuable NFT on March 13, intended to hold it long-term but chose to borrow money against it, using a process called “wrapping”. Unfortunately, his lack of familiarity with the process led to a costly mistake. Riley accidentally sent the asset to a burn address, permanently deleting the NFT from circulation.

$37M of y00ts NFTs Jumped Chain to Polygon

 $37M of y00ts NFTs Jumped Chain to Polygon

Solana collection y00ts is one of the most popular NFT projects to date, and its recent jump from Solana to Polygon has sent ripples through the crypto world. Early data suggests that the community of holders is for the move, with almost 77% of the NFTs having already been migrated to Polygon since the launch.

Final Fantasy VII NFT Card Collection Release

Final Fantasy VII NFT Card Release

Attention all Final Fantasy VII enthusiasts! Square Enix will release a phygital card drop, unveiling an exciting way for fans to acquire the commemorative items related to the game. The Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus is a physical trading card set featuring over 200 artworks in honor of the game's 25th anniversary. Even better, you can now collect these cards both physically and digitally. The physical box set consists of 20 card packs, each containing six randomly chosen physical trading cards from a pool of unique designs. Additionally, every pack includes an exchange ticket that can be used to claim any digital card of your choice.

Gucci and Yuga Labs Partner on NFT Fashion Collection

Gucci and Yuga Labs Parner on NFT Fashion

Gucci and Yuga Labs, the creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), have come together in a groundbreaking collaboration to launch an innovative project that combines fashion and entertainment in the metaverse. From this week, customers will be able to enjoy immersive experiences that promote experimental storytelling through unique artistic choices.

Weekly top players by game

Here's a look at this week's most successful crypto games according to DappRadar. Most of the top games have lost some players and no strong contenders have risen in ranks. Join our weekly mailing list to get the news and statistics straight to your email. 

 GameNumber of players (thousands)*
1Alien Worlds309
3Farmers World 94
5Benji Bananas85
6Planet IX 78
7Upland 64
8Axie Infinity38
10   Hunters On-Chain by BoomLand30

* The number of players refers to UAW, or Unique Active Wallets. This means the number of in-game players with an active wallet that is used for transactions. This doesn't take into account players who don't use or haven't used their wallets in-game.

Game spotlight of the week: Illuvium


Illuvium, officially the first fully open-world exploration game in Web3, combines many of the great powerhouses of sci-fi and fantasy into one fantastically fun game. Explore an alien world and capture the local wildlife—called Illuvials—so you can make them fight your battles for you. Tongue-in-cheek humor aside, the visuals are stunning, gameplay will satisfy even the most die-hard console enthusiasts, and you can make a little money as well.