Omega Royale Combines Tower Defence With Battle Royale

Omega Royale Combines Tower Defence with Battle Royale
1 March 2023

Tower Pop has raised $2.1 million in a funding round led by Play Ventures and Agnitio Capital, and backed by angel investor Santiago R. Santos. The funding is to support the development and launch of Omega Royale, a battle royale and tower defense crossover. The game aims to bridge Web3 and mobile gaming. The founders, Fredrik Wahrman and Niklas Wahrman, are industry veterans who have previously created popular tower defense games Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes, which have helped shape the play-and-earn space in the best ways to serve the Web3 community.

Play-to-mint mechanic

Tower Pop aims to use a novel play-to-mint model in Omega Royale, where the top-ranked players can mint the collectible NFTs in the game. The company hopes to introduce NFTs to mobile games using the model. The game has already gained a lot of popularity on the single player web version. With over half a million games played, day 1 retention is at 60%, Day 7 retention is at 38%, and Day 30 retention is at 16%. By introducing players to the game early on, Tower Pop has a chance to show the player audience what makes the game different and helps spread awareness of the game. Tower Pop's founders have said that their mission is to develop a game that's fun to play for years to come. Omega Royale's battle royale mode will launch in mobile alpha on the AppStore and Google Play Store in March 2023. 

Tower Pop history

Tower Pop's founders are cousins who grew up playing games on the Commodore 64. They founded Silverbird Studios in 2003 to make mobile games in Canada, and in 2010, they started another studio, TicBits, to make mobile games. They sold TicBits in 2016 to Animoca Brands and stayed on until 2020 before leaving to start another studio, Tower Pop. With Tower Pop, they decided to stay in tower defense games but switch the focus to multiplayer games.

Tower Pop's unique approach of combining the offensive gameplay of battle royale with the defensive gameplay of tower defense has garnered a lot of attention. The team has been working on the game for over a year in their base in Finland, and thinks they've cracked the formula. The game launched a single-player version of the game on a website first before adding the multiplayer aspect in Q1. Tower Pop calls the blockchain aspect of their game "Web 2.5" and allows players to collect NFTs as well as play for free.


Overall Omega Royale has a lot of potential in the crypto gaming scene. The game's success will depend on whether they can execute their play-to-mint model and integrate NFTs into the gameplay in a way that is enjoyable for players. The founders' previous success in creating popular tower defense games and their experience in the gaming industry will undoubtedly help them in their quest to develop a fun and engaging game for years to come.