Continuum World Launches First Explorers Event

Continuum World Launches First Explorers NFT Game Event
14 March 2023

After a few delays Continuum World the game has finally launched the first live version, called First Explorers. This free-to-play game mode allows players to gather resources, construct buildings, and complete missions for various rewards. Whether exploring the world or farming their own land, gathering resources is the aim of the game.

Continuum World is a fantasy world of sky islands, where players collect resources and improve their avatars, the so-called Umi. In First Explorers, players harvest materials from land plots, either from the wild or through a building constructed by a player. Players who own the buildings receive a steady, passive income from the associated resource. Other players can pay a fee to use a building to acquire resources, with a small percentage of that fee going directly to the owning player. Land owners can build on their lands, staking the building. Other players can use these buildings for a UM fee. 

The purpose of gathering resources is to complete missions, each with a specific reward and a specific set of resources needed. Rewards include UM tokens, trophy points for a leaderboard, and NFT items. Acquiring an NFT will require significantly more resources than the other rewards. All of the missions have a limited number of times they can be completed, so there is some competition among players. When missions run out, they will be replaced with new mission options.

Wild resources spawn randomly, and players need energy to harvest them, which replenishes slowly over time. Each wild harvest brings in 1–3 different resources based on the type and rarity of the plot. Resources come in a variety of types based on the type of biome on the land and the rarity of the land. Each biome type produces different resources, and each rarity level also has a special resource only available at that rarity. To enhance their harvest bonuses, players can equip their avatar or Umi with clothing/accessories. Alternatively, players can choose to purchase batteries to refill their energy supplies. To make up for the launch delay, Continuum World is offering players a pack of 10 batteries for free, as well as a much cheaper price for batteries. 

The game itself is free to play, and anyone can join in now and start gathering. Continuum World is using the official token, $UM. This token can be found on QuickSwap (Polygon), Uniswap (Ethereum), or the MEXC Global exchange. With over 100,000 missions available, players can earn NFT land decorations, clothing items, and more. Continuum World has promised a global ranking through the whole event with over 5,000,000 UMs up for grabs.