Fuse Your Derby Chickens for the Race

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13 April 2023

Chicken Derby allows players to race their digital chickens for prizes. It's an NFT-based game built on the Polygon network. Each racing chicken is an NFT with its own unique heritage and cosmetic traits, as well as a special talent that can trigger during races. The casual game features seven different terrain types, six different track lengths, and twelve chickens per race, each with their own preferences, abilities, and racing styles.

In addition to the original Spicy breed chickens, which have a minimum perfection rating of 90%, the game also includes four other rarer heritages: Serama, Sultan, Lakenvelder, and Dorkling. Cosmetic traits range from standard white feathers to tiger patterns to robot chickens, with each chicken having its own hidden preferences for track distance and type, as well as a consistency rating.

Chicken Derby is designed to ensure that race outcomes are not predetermined. With so many variables at play, each race is unique and unpredictable. Moreover, the game's development team often adds “Easter egg”-type bonuses that are only revealed once the community has figured them out. For example, chickens with alien eyes get a boost to their teleport ability, if they have it.

New Chicken Fusion system

One of the latest features of Chicken Derby is the newly introduced Chicken Fusion system. This system allows players to burn two existing chicken NFTs and a fusion serum NFT to create a new, hybrid chicken with traits and abilities drawn from the two chickens sacrificed. While most traits are selected randomly, players can lock one trait per trait group at an additional cost of fusion serums based on the rarity of the locked traits.

Consistency is always random, but players can choose to lock it as a trait. Perfection is also selected randomly from the range between the perfection ratings of the two fused chickens. This means that players can potentially create a chicken with a higher perfection rating than either of the two sacrificed chickens.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Chicken Fusion is the possibility of mutations. There are eighteen mutations in total, ranging from translucent skin to button eyes to robot beaks and more. The chance of a mutation occurring is about 1 in 10, and it is possible for more than one mutation to occur on the same chicken. These mutations not only change the chicken's appearance but can also affect its race results.

The Chicken Fusion system went live on April 11, with a public sale for fusion serum NFTs. The cost for a serum NFT is 0.0033 WETH, or just over $6 USD at current values. There is no limit on the number of serums that players can mint, and any NFTs left over after the sale will be available for future minting at a higher price point. Players who already hold fusion serum NFTs will have a chance to get a jumpstart on creating mutated chickens before the public sale. 

Chicken Fusion is a significant addition to Chicken Derby, as it allows players to create new, unique chickens that could potentially have rare mutations that give them an advantage in races. It also adds an exciting new dimension to the game, allowing players to experiment with different combinations of traits and abilities in the hopes of creating the ultimate racing chicken.

Future features

The development team behind Chicken Derby has also announced plans for additional features in the future, including a breeding system, a social hub, and land ownership. These features are expected to further enhance the game's already compelling gameplay and provide players with new ways to interact with their chickens and each other.