Champions Ascension Elementals Free Mint of New Game NFTs

Champions Ascension Game NFT Mint of new Elementals
23 January 2023

Champions Ascension is an NFT game where players combat each other in a gladiator arena. The game's developers have now announced the dates for the release of a new NFT mint. It is called Elemental Eternals, and this mint will be free to access for all players. The Elemental Eternals are considered to be the second highest tier of characters that will be available in the game, and the team plans to make them even stronger than the highest tier characters, called Prime Eternals, in the PvE parts of the game.

A total of 10,000 Elemental Eternals will be available and they will come in four different elemental types: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. They will be the only Eternals to have the ability to have Sublime Parts, which are special items that can be attached to the Elemental Eternals to give them additional abilities, such as increased strength or speed. Other elemental benefits also include boosts for farming and mining, the ability to breed, extra Essence earnings in battles, the ability to equip armor and weapons, and immortality.

The first 1000 Elementals will be minted by the team and used for future giveaways and promotions. The Prime Claim opens on January 25 at 8am PST, and anyone who had a Prime in their wallet during the snapshot taken in December will be on the list and guaranteed a mint. The Tier 1 whitelist can mint a day later and have a guaranteed 2 Elementals available for minting. The window for Tier 1 only lasts for one hour. After that, the Tier 2 slot opens, but there are no guarantees for this mint. It will be first come, first served. If any Elementals are left after Tier 2 closes, they will become available to the public at 10am PST on January 26. Overall this is the second NFT mint for Champions Ascension and it is completely free, offering players an opportunity to acquire second highest-tier characters with unique abilities and perks.


Further plans 

Future plans for this NFT game include updates to the battle arena, including new 3v3, free for all, and boss battle modes. They have also announced plans to move the game to the Polygon network in order to reduce transaction fees for players. However, it is important to note that this change is still in development, and details on how the transition will affect players have yet to be announced.

In addition to these updates, Champions Ascension regularly holds preview events on weekends, during which players can try out new features, fix bugs, and adjust combat balance. These previews are open to all players and participating in them can earn players tickets that can be used to purchase special NFTs with in-game utility.