Benji Bananas Launches Season 5 in Time for Holiday Season

Benji Bananas web3 play-and-earn game launches season 5
24 December 2022

If you are looking for a game to play this Holiday Season then you might be happy to learn that Benji Bananas has launched Season 5 with a prize pool of tokens and other prizes. Benji Bananas is one of the most-played Web3 games currently available. It was developed by the well-known Animoca Brands. Their ‘swing and earn’ event has launched another round, allowing players to compete for spots on the leaderboard and earn PRIMATE tokens in the process!

Benji Bananas launched in 2013 as a standard mobile game. Recently, however, they have expanded their offering to also include Web3, play-to-earn opportunities. The game is a sidescroller where you play swinging from vine to vine and gather bananas. It's free to play, but participating in the play-to-earn leaderboards requires owning a Membership Pass, which is currently going for ~$55 on Open Sea. Players also need to link their Google or Apple ID account, and pass identification verification with Blockpass in order to earn rewards. Benji Bananas recently introduced free, play-to-earn tournaments as well, where you may have a chance of winning a Membership Pass! Check their tournament page to see what’s currently open.

What’s new in Benji Bananas Season 5?

The fifth play-to-earn event from Benji Bananas began on December 22nd, and runs through January 2nd, 2023. In order to be eligible for the leaderboard, players must play the World Tour and complete in at least ten games. Players' scores are determined by various factors: furthest distance in a single race (10%); total distance during the event (20% of the score); the furthest world reached in a single game (20%); and the average number of bananas collected per game (50%).

As a new addition players who hold multiple Membership Passes and/or a stack of $PRIMATE tokens receive multipliers on the amount of rewards they receive from this event. Players with one pass and at least 5000 tokens receive a 1.1 multiplier. Three Passes plus 10,000 tokens rewards a 1.2 multiplier, and holding five or more Passes at at least 20k PRIMATE tokens provides a 1.5x bonus to all token rewards from the event.

What is Benji Bananas?

Benji Bananas is a casual mobile game launched in 2013. It is a side-scrolling, banana-collecting adventure in the style of Pitfall. Since its launch, the game has been downloaded over 50 million times, and is available on iOS and Android. Benji Bananas has been expanding into the Web3 world, offering a Membership Pass that allows holders to compete in play-to-earn leaderboards. Animoca Brands' goal with the addition of the Web3 connection is to introduce thousands of new users to crypto gaming. 

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