Axie Homeland Earn Through Land Management

Axie Infinity Homeland Play and  Earn Through Land Management
21 February 2023

Axie Infinity has announced the upcoming launch of Alpha Season 1 for its land game, Axie Homeland. This game mode offers strategic land-management that allows players to decorate and develop their plots while putting their Axies to work. The season begins on February 22, will last for 30 days, and includes leaderboards and token rewards for the top 500 players in Passive Adventure and Land Development.

Axie Homeland offers various features, including gathering raw materials, crafting gear and supplies, trading with native adventurers and other landowners, decorating their plots, and building infrastructure to process raw materials. Players must grow crops and construct buildings while assigning Axies to take care of the work. The main objective is to manage a settlement effectively to equip adventurers with gear and supplies to defeat waves of monsters. The more successful adventurers are, the more rewards the landowner receives. The rewards will be in the form of mAXS tokens, which can be exchanged for AXS tokens. The top player on the Passive Adventure leaderboard could win tokens worth more than $2000.

This marks the first opportunity for players to receive rewards for decorating and developing their land plot. During the season, Axie Homeland's Passive Adventure feature will see some game mechanic upgrades, including the ability to form parties of up to three adventurers. Moreover, the Axie team plans to hold a plot-decorating contest with AXS rewards.

During the alpha season, players must own an Axie land plot to participate in Axie Homeland. Those who don't already own one can purchase one from the official marketplace, but the floor price is approaching 1 ETH. However, players who put in the effort could be rewarded handsomely for their time and resources. The top 500 players in Passive Adventure and in Land Development will earn mAXS, with 1000 mAXS equating to one AXS token, currently worth around $11 US.

As the popularity of blockchain games continues to soar, Axie Infinity's Axie Homeland stands out as an innovative and strategic land-management game with immense potential for growth. It has gained significant attention for its play-to-earn mechanics. The game has seen explosive growth in recent months, with some players earning full-time income from playing Axie.