Artyfact Is Working on an Immersive Cyberpunk Metaverse

15 November 2022

Artyfact is a Web3 metaverse that combines the best of the AAA and GameFi worlds using an innovative play-to-earn model. It's promising to offer a virtual gaming world with top-tier graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5, and to focus on the quality of gameplay. Artyfact has the potential to deliver an immersive product that the gaming community has been waiting for. In the gaming area players can battle in meticulously crafted arenas. Play-to-earn games with a wide range of shooter genres are going to be available—with deathmatch, control points, and battle royale being just some examples.

Within its ecosystem, an array of exciting play-to-earn games can be found, as well as a marketplace for 3D collectibles. Its urban environment will be home to online exhibitions and 3D marketplaces—giving users the chance to trade collectibles, buy virtual real estate, dress their avatar in eye-catching outfits, and attend immersive events such as concerts, meetings, and shows. With fashion playing a crucial role in the metaverse, Artyfact also wants its space to feature virtual runway shows in celebration of designer fashion. All in all the keyword for Artyfact is fun.

Beyond new experiences for users, Artyfact also wants to change the way business is done in the metaverse. Virtual billboards will give owners the opportunity to make money from advertising, while influencers and brands get the chance to expand their relationship with their audiences in ways that have never been seen before.

The project has attracted 100,000 followers across its social networks in multiple languages, and has recently started its presale on four launchpads. Artyfact's beta launch is scheduled to take place in the next six months.