Arc8 Tournament In the Mocaverse

A Tournament In the Mocaverse by Arc8 Game
19 April 2023

Arc8, the popular gaming platform, is set to host the Mocaverse event from April 20 to April 27. The event features Animoca Brands' family of 8,888 unique Moca NFTs, which are getting their first-ever utility. During the event, players can enter in exclusive free to enter tournaments, and players will have unlimited attempts to achieve the highest score. The event will feature a Moca-themed game, with rewards worth $10,000 in MATIC, and other exciting activities.

How to participate in Arc8 Tournament

To participate, players must either have a Realm Pass or hold a staked Mocaverse NFT in their wallet. Players must connect and pair their wallet with Arc8 before the tournament begins. The process is simple and can be done on the Arc8 app's web app. If players need any help with wallet-related issues, they can check out the platform's Wiki page. Also Moca must be staked from Monday 3rd April to 10th April. Arc8 will host separate tournaments and leaderboards for Moca owners and Realm Pass holders. Players will be ranked based on their high score and total score. For Moca owners, the score of their NFT's tribe will also be taken into account. 

The Mocaverse-themed game has been specifically crafted for this event and promises to provide players with a thrilling battleground experience. Players can earn Moca XP by playing in the tournaments, and top-scoring players will receive a share of the $10,000 in MATIC. Rewards will be dropped into the players' wallets after the event.

If you're new to Arc8, you can easily download the app and start playing. Even if you don't have a Moca NFT or Realm Pass, you can still enjoy the newly re-skinned Mocaverse-themed game in regular 1v1 matches.

The Mocaverse event promises to be an exciting and unique experience for players, with the chance to win rewards and showcase their skills in the Mocaverse-themed game. The event highlights the growing popularity of NFTs and their potential use cases in the gaming industry.

As Arc8 continues to innovate and partner with other platforms like Mocaverse, players can expect more exciting events and experiences in the future.