Apple's Strategic Moves: Embracing the Metaverse and Web3

Image of news story Apple's Strategic Moves: Embracing the Metaverse and Web3
19 May 2023

Apple's latest decisions have sparked speculation about a significant shift in the company's direction, hinting at a broader move towards the metaverse and Web3. Apple has added Axie Infinity: Origins on the App Store, and coupled with rumors of an upcoming headset launch at WWDC and the registration of "xrOS", Apple seems poised to fully embrace the metaverse and delve deeper into the world of Web3. What else could the future bring from Apple, in the digital realm?

Axie Infinity: Origins comes to App Store

Apple's decision to allow externally-purchased NFTs in Axie Infinity: Origins marks a notable departure from their previous stance on non-fungible tokens. This policy change signifies Apple's recognition of the growing significance of NFTs and the metaverse. By embracing Axie Infinity, Apple opens doors to more blockchain-based experiences like Web3 wallets, signaling a potential shift towards embracing the metaverse trend. 

Apple has registered "xrOS"

The registration of "xrOS" further supports Apple's deeper involvement in the metaverse. "xrOS" encompasses extended reality, including augmented and virtual reality functions. The name itself, confirmed by internal Apple sources via Bloomberg, aligns with the concept of the metaverse. Apple's trademarking of "xrOS" in multiple countries suggests a deliberate effort to develop a proprietary operating system tailored to support metaverse-related experiences.

Headset about to be launched?

Rumors surrounding an upcoming headset launch at WWDC have added fuel to the speculation. While specifics about the headset remain scarce, industry insiders suggest that Apple's venture into augmented and virtual reality aligns with the company's ambitions in the metaverse space. The introduction of a headset equipped with advanced AR and VR capabilities could serve as an immersive gateway to the metaverse, establishing Apple as a key player in the emerging digital landscape.

Web3 and metaverse integration

Collectively, these moves indicate Apple's potential embrace of Web3 technologies and more significant integration with the metaverse. Web3, characterized by decentralized systems, blockchain, and user ownership, aligns with the metaverse's vision of a shared, immersive digital space. By adopting a more Web3-oriented approach, Apple could empower users with greater control over their digital identities, assets, and experiences within the metaverse.

What to expect

While we have no concrete info on Apple's precise plans or strategies, their recent actions suggest a shift towards a more metaverse-focused direction. The combination of allowing Axie Infinity to use NFTs, the rumored headset launch, and the registration of "xrOS" all point to a potential shift in Apple's strategy, indicating deeper involvement in the metaverse and a more meaningful embrace of Web3 technologies. As the metaverse gains traction and reshapes the digital landscape, Apple's potential entry into this space could have significant implications both for the company and its millions of users worldwide. The future of Apple's engagement with the metaverse and Web3 holds great promise and is poised to redefine the boundaries of digital experiences.