Animoca Brands Starting $2B Metaverse Investment Fund

Image of news story Animoca Brands Starting $2B Metaverse Investment Fund
21 December 2022

Animoca Brands has been a well-known name in the Web3 world for quite a while. It has been one of the leading investors in NFTs, blockchain gaming and metaverse-related companies, and has been backed by the likes of Singapore's Temasek state investment fund. One subsidiary of Animoca Brands is The Sandbox, a leading decentralized virtual gaming world, and we recently covered their new asset competition here.

The Web3 investor is planning to start a huge metaverse fund next. Investing in the metaverse has been gaining traction in the last two years, and Animoca Brands is looking to be a part of it. The company aims to raise $2 billion from investors to fund projects related to blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other emerging Web3 technologies.

Animoca Brands future plans 

Last Wednesday, one of the co-founders of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, told Nikkei Asia that the gaming investor was working on plans to set up a sizable fund for metaverse investments. The fund's focus "will be everything on digital property rights", he added. The fund will be used to further develop and invest in promising metaverse projects.

The fund is called Animoca Capital, and is expected to see its first investment in early 2023. The fund’s current target is set between $1 and $2 billion. Although the money has not been raised yet, more and more businesses are entering the metaverse space, so hopes are high.

What will the Metaverse Fund aim to accomplish?

The Metaverse Fund will be a global venture capital fund that focuses on investing in companies that are developing platforms for the metaverse. The fund will provide capital for startups to develop their products and services, among other benefits. The main purpose of these investments will be to develop a metaverse ecosystem and create an active market that brings together multiple players.

Siu and the rest of the Animoca Brands team feel that despite recent events the metaverse market is starting to mature. This development has created a need for a separate investment vehicle. The fund will focus on equity optimization and creating more opportunities for investors to access Web3 companies. Any traditional investor looking to be a part of the metaverse ecosystem can also invest in the fund.